Timeline of World War 1 (in movies)

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Timeline of World War 1 (in movies) 4.5

A brief summary of World War 1 as seen through the eyes of multiple films, NONE of which I own the copyrights to, all rights go to the original movies themselves, which I have labeled in the captions at the beginning of each scene. This film is for entertainment/educational purposes. Enjoy!

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Here is the famous shovel scene from Battlefield 1

Author — Hijazi


6:38 i love how that French soldier blocked 3 bullets with his Rifle before he got shot in the chest.

Author — Cheekiest of the Breekis


And the Aussie officer has a P38 automatic, not even invented yet. I hate it when they do shit like that.

Author — Mista Bumpy


didn't know James bond was in the army i thought he was in the navy! hAha

Author — J Morris


24:06 battlefield 1 storm of steel scene

Author — Jaycee Campos


Brave men who gave their lives for their countries? This war started for no reason and it was fought for no reason and over half the people in ww1 were forced to fight against their will

Author — Tomaž Uršič


The sound is misaligned with the video or is that just me

Author — Dongin Kim


what was the second film that started with the French soldier carrying a barrel it looked really good

Author — Connor shaw


The first one should be "Joeux Noel", december 1914

Author — tigrottoFS


7:51 The heck no blood and it did not go into his body and how did he die??

Author — Red Paint


8:33 Half the players in battlefield during Operations
8:35 My reaction

Author — AllTheWorldsWonders


14:22 that moment give me chill in my spine

Author — khaled Dekar


I'm studying History in college. And this War has a deep effect on me. I am decided to study it for the future.

Author — Ivan Gomez


Dude, AWESOME JOB! As an historian I have to say, AWESOME JOB!!
With the anniversary of Verdun coming up I was planning to post every day a movie scene to create a sort of timeline.
But yours is better! ;) I had about the same movies in mind.
To bad it starts in 1915...
Therefore I have some suggestions for you. Maybe you can use them...

1) For 1914. The opening scene from "Joyeux noël" (Merry Christmas).
This movie is about the Christmas truce in 1914, somewhere in December.
In the beginning it shows a French Lieutenant and his aide de camp. At the end two Scottish brothers.
It has a battle scene with French and Scottish troops. (See link below and enjoy )

2) For 1915. The end scene from "My boy Jack".
Now the title says "Somme over the top", but this is not correct. This movie is about Jack Kipling, who fought with the Irish Guards at the battle of Loos. He died on 27 September 1915.
"Harry Potter" is Kipling. ;)
(See link below and enjoy)

Greetz from Belgium!

Author — Verdun1916


that Gallipoli movie is bullshit the attack happened at night time not the middle of the day

Author — Will M


pure insanity which devoured millions of innocents.

Author — Azlan Ameer


Just imagine if one of these was a Michael bay movie

Author — Dinkzi YT


Lost Battalion: By far Rick Schroeder's best role ever. Maj. Whittelsea was a real hero.

Author — indy_go_blue60


A good concept, but What about Gallipoli with Mel Gibson (very sad ending) and The Light Horsemen? And the one about Rudyard KIplings son?

Author — DigNap15


19:44 most brutal battle i´ve ever seen

Author — Eduardo Yáñez