Inside the Mind of a Musk OX

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Musk oxen are not the only charismatic creatures perfectly suited to the wind-blasted, tundra of the Alaskan Arctic. Meet Joel Berger, Wildlife Conservation Society senior scientist, Colorado State University professor - as well as expert on hoofed mammals. In addition to gathering photos to track how fast musk oxen are growing, Berger conducts a seemingly hazardous test: He dresses up as a grizzly bear, approaches the herd, and gauges their reactions. Berger uses this unusual technique to find out whether the presence of more male oxen makes the herd safer from bears.
Produced by Luke Groskin
Filmed by Christian Baker and Luke Groskin
Music by Audio Network
Production Assistance and Guide by Erik Snuggerud
Additional Stills and Video by the Joel Berger/WCS , Shutterstock , Musk Oxen Hunt shots © GSSafaris
Special Thanks to Joel Berger, Erik Snuggarud, Ellen Cheng, Jenny Shalant, and Jessica Brunetto

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Ox: That crazy guy with the bear costume is back again guys, let's get out of here
Scientist: ehheheh got em

Author — nikyt


While hunting is not 'my thing', so I view it as more of an outsider, I can't imagine much challenge in hunting animals that curious, and with an instinct to clump, rather than run. One could practically walk within spearing range...

Author — Statistical Triage


This gives me an idea: what if homini realized the same thing that standing and fighting is more effective than scattering for their life? And as this behavior flourished they not only began fighting off as a single entity but instead turned aggressive and attacked the predator instead and if a predator would manage to kill one of the attackers they wouldn't let the fight end but lash out in an act of revenge denying a kill.

This would explain our hostile and vengeful nature compared to other species.

Author — Nick Dzink


Aren't grizzlies hibernating in the winter time? That would confuse me if I was a muskox. Anywho nice video and beautiful creatures!

Author — Charles Brown


Any animal that's as tall as I am is incredibly fascinating. Muskoxen, horses, elephants, donkeys, honestly anything larger than like 5'5" is just always so big and foreign and beautiful

Author — Blue Tannery


That caribou costume wouldnt even fool a turtle.

Author — Carol Norton


I think I heard the Musk ox laughing, ya I'm pretty sure, yup, I heard a Dasturdly laugh, the whole darn Musk ox community is laughing

Author — Bob Kundinger


Wasn't Ellen Chang in a Seinfeld episode? George wanted to date her and she turned out to be white, so he was disappointed.

Author — BariumCobaltNitrog3n


I think they look at you and think how stupid us humans are they we think we are tricking them

Author — Fishing SouthWest Florida


Like the info but don't want to see hunters, that culling rational is BS, nature takes care of her own.

Author — ohthelovelypoems


I love this animal. Hunting should be stopped.

Author — D M