The Indonesian Teenagers Competing in Illegal Drag Races

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The Indonesian Teenagers Competing in Illegal Drag Races 4.5
Motorcycles rule the streets of Indonesia. By day, the bikes zip through Jakarta, ferrying residents to and from work—but by night, the roads give way to the underground world of illegal street racing. Kids as young as 12 compete in the high-speed sprints, where riders can make a small fortune off a single race. The rewards are great, but the risks are just as high: Flying down roads at breakneck speeds, one, small mistake can cost a “speed jockey” their life.

On this episode of ‘VICE INTL,’ VICE Indonesia went inside Jakarta’s dangerous, high-stakes street racing scene. We met up with a 16-year-old rising star to hear how he got involved, talked to the cops cracking down on illegal drag racing, and checked out a sprint ourselves—watching as two teenagers faced off for more cash than most Indonesians make in a month.

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"I’ve been racing since the 5th grade. It’s been my passion ever since I was a child. I’ve always wanted to become an accomplished drag racer."

Author — VICE


Well if street racing doesn't kill him i think lungcancer is a second good contender

Author — Maikel K


NOW THIS is the sort of Vice i want more of!

Author — BikeStuff


In Europe kids do drugs.
In US they play with guns.
In Indonesia they are racing bikes.

Author — Jarek Nowak


Setidaknya mereka meninggal di jalan yg lurus.

Author — kang pai


Going through the comments and seeing people bitching about flip flops, they seem to miss the point that the people there belong in a totally different socio economic status than what is happening in the western world. Theres no state sponsored welfare. So no money means no gear.

These people race using heavily modified stock 4 stroke 150cc underbone bikes and scooters. So power to weight ratio is everything. Thus the lack of gear... and the bikes remove all unnecessary weight. A drag is a drag, racers know how it is. Its about as less weight, in the lowest timing as fast as you can.

Perhaps you guys should go to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines for these drag races. Imho more exposure is needed.

Author — Write Ride Right


At first I was laughing when I saw the skinny tires on those bikes, but after watching the interview with the kid I saw that he’s a dreamer, out there chasing and doing something he loves. You don’t knock people like that for dreaming, hell I saw a little bit of myself in him. Keep going kid!

Author — Atomic Gringo


Honestly, that little guy really have skills, talent and guts. In my opinion, the government should accommodate them. See in this video, he said in street race, they earn much more money than in the legal one.. thats why there are so many illegal street racer in Indonesia (car street racer also). The government here sucks. They do not care with the talent of the youngsters.

Author — Boutros A


This is not just Indonesia problem. Some countries in South East Asia also has this problem. Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines are the few that has these insectoid bikes racing.

Author — netmatrix75


That kid didn't lose that street race towards the end. His opponent jump started or started before he was supposed to. Called "red lighting" here in the US. I'd be bummed too if a dude pretty much cheated me.

Author — Round Earth Shill


I got to admit this sport looks badass

Author — Steve Chevy


We call those bikes "poles" in the U.S.

Author — Warped Perception


Flip flops give them 10 more horsepower

Author — MG Boa


I need this guy as a translator so I can order some super go-fast scooter parts from Indonesia online. They damn sure don’t sell that shit here in the states to make them go THAT fast. I bet the parts are cheap as hell too. I have a few scooters in the garage that could use some attention!

Author — MattySlimz


I don't blame them. I would rather live 1 quarter mile at a time than go to school at that age.

Author — That guy


I lost my highschool friend in an accident of illegal street race

Author — Nuhan Hidayat


Im indonesian and i hate this kind of thing. This act will kill someone. And the police is not that useful.

Author — RULAND


It's unbelievable (or find it funny) for people who live/grew up outside SEA that we use skinny tires here for underbone / scooter drag racing. Extensively modified underbone/scooter here in SEA only weight less than 60kg (or even more lighter if using an aluminum frame), so of course those skinny tires grip nicely. You may not believe it, but its always been like this here in SEA for 10 years already.

Thailand has a bunch of these SEA-style 2-stroke underbone drag bikes that do 10 sec range and 180-190km/h trap speed in quarter mile. and recently someone did an 1/4 mile ET of 9.4 in a Honda Sonic 125 (displacement increased to 350cc). And there's another one raced a Panigale too. When highly modified, they make around 40-50hp or more

TDR Malaysia has a highly modifed Yamaha Mio scooter with the engine displacement increased to 300-350cc. Runs an ET around 7-8secs @ 3/4 mile

My apologies for my english. Just my two cents.
I'm from Philippines by the way, and underbone drag bikes here use pretty much the same set-up

Author — Eddie Wao


Those kids are thinner than their tires

Author — Uglyboy FC


I cannot explain how annoying it is to see how off the subtitles are. I don't even speak Bahasa fluently but it bugged me so much.

Author — Entrepreneur News