How To Make A Website - Using Divi Theme

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Watch how you can make your website using the Divi Theme

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00:00 Intro

00:44 Launch your WordPress website

03:57 Setup Your Divi theme

8:51 Start Building your website

Let’s get started

Part 1: Launch your WordPress website

Launch your WordPress website in just 3 steps:

Step 1: Choose your website name

Step 2: Get your Hosting and Domain

Hosting & Domain are the two things that you need, to launch your WordPress website.

Hosting is the place where your website’s files are stored and Domain is the name of your website.

Step 3: Install WordPress

Once you install WordPress, your will have a brand new website live on the internet.

PART 2: Setup your Divi theme

Setup your Divi theme in 5 steps

Step 1: Login to your WordPress website

Now to login to your website, just type your site’s address & add “/login” and then enter the login details which you’ve created for WordPress.

Now you will reach the WordPress dashboard, from where you can control your website.

Step 2: Get your Divi theme

Divi has 2 plans, yearly & lifetime. You can select the plan which you want.

Once you select the plan, create your account on the divi website & make the payment.

Once you’ve got the divi theme, you can go to the next step.

Step 3: Download your Divi theme

So to download the divi theme, login to your divi account

And then click ‘download’ and your divi theme will be downloaded.

Once you’ve downloaded the divi theme, we can go to the next step;

Step 4: Install your Divi theme

To install your divi theme, just go to your WordPress dashboard, and go to appearance & click ‘themes’.

Now click ‘new’ and then upload the Divi theme from your computer.

Step 5 : Activate your Divi theme

By activating your divi theme, you will be able to use all the divi features to build your website.

Part 3: Start Building Your Website

Step 1: create your homepage

Go to new on your website & click page

Now enter page name as home, next you would see the button called Divi builder. Just click divi builder and now you would see three options to create your page, so first let’s see using layouts options which is using going to let us build our page using a set of sample designs.

So just click ‘browse layouts’ and then build your home page.

Step 2: Create a page from scratch

Now instead of creating a page using layouts, If you can create your own page from start to end

Just click ‘new’ again and then click ‘page’. This time select ‘build from scratch’ option to build your page from scratch.

Step 3: Create your menu

Go to ‘theme customizer’ & click ‘menus’ to create your own menu.

Step 4 : Change your logo

You would see the default divi logo appears on your WordPress website.
So to change it with your own logo, just go to WordPress dashboard and click the divi button appears on the sidebar.

Now click ‘upload’ button to upload your own logo.
Once you’ve uploaded your logo just click ‘save changes’ to make the changes.

So this is how you can make your website using DIVI


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Part 1: Launching your wordpress website. (0:00 - 3:58)
Part 2: Setting up the divi theme (3:58 - 8:50)
Part 3: Making the website stuffs (8:50 onwards)

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