Blend Shapes / Morph Targets for Facial Animation (Autodesk 3ds Max)

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

In this video we will look at creating blend shapes, also called morph targets, in 3ds Max. Blend shapes are just one of the ways a 3d artist can go about setting up a face for animation.

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Thanks man, you helped us make the greatest VR game on steam

Author — SpacyGuy


Hey man, great tut! I've got a suggestion though

16:00 there's a slightly more accurate way to do this. You make you reference "Smile_L001" the same way you did, duplicated and mirrored, but after that you add a 'morpher' modifier to it. pick your original neutral head as the morph target. Morph "Smile_L001" all the way to 100% to look exactly like the neutral head.

THEN, you select "Smile_R" and put a "skin bind" modifier on it. Pick "Smile_L001", which should look neutral at this point, as your target. Now you can slide the morph target slider in "Smile_L001" back down to zero and "smile_R" should follow. Then you can collapse the modifiers for "Smile_R" and delete "Smile_L001"

It's not perfect, especially for really small polygons like those in the eyelids, but it's good for big movements!

Author — Faizal Ali


Can this be applied to a biped with animation too?

Author — The Rebel Base Builds


Cool, I might use this for FaceTracking with ARKit on iPhone :)

Author — blocbonbon


How can we export the morphs to edit them in Unity with in-game UI?

Author — Dim!Tri


Are bones better? I doubt you can achieve some complex stuff with morph target. There would also be a problem when you want to change geometry after some time. Need to redo all the morphs. Am I right?

Author — artnovikovdotru


can you make a spherical environment lesson?

Author — kanaltut