What Coronavirus Means For Automation And The Future Of Jobs

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What Coronavirus Means For Automation And The Future Of Jobs 4.5

From burger-flipping machines to car-building robots—not to mention high-powered software taking on more and more administrative tasks—it seems like hundreds of skills are rapidly becoming obsolete in the U.S. economy. A recent McKinsey study found that AI and Deep Learning could add as much as $3.5 trillion to $5.8 trillion in annual value for companies. The economic shock of the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t helped. In fact, Covid-19 could be accelerating the pace of automation.

CORRECTION This video misstated Marcus Casey’s title. He's an associate professor of economics at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

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What Coronavirus Means For Automation And The Future Of Jobs

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Andrew Yang laughing in the background...

Author — Seoul Glo


This is why I was hoping to see Andrew Yang to become the Democratic runner since Universal Basic Income might become inevitable as A.I. continues to grow.

Author — Gabriel Jordan


This started back in the late 80's early 90's... the jobs that couldn't be automated at the time was shipped over seas.

Author — Brad Ferguson


Andrew Yang was right, this is why we need UBI, he was the only politician who was thinking years ahead and planned for something like this. Too bad you guys refused to give him any media attention.

Author — Corey Hulse


Gonna' be a lot of unemployed folks in the near

Author — Nerdy Gamerguy


Machines can't get viruses.

_Russian hacker entered the chat._

Author — Thompter S. Hunson


If civilians don’t have money whose gonna buy their stuff 😂

Author — Jak Dexter


I guess we'll have to protect everyone with the last name Conner.

Author — Comrade Moist Nugget #0101


Yang after Biden’s term. We need a visionary as a leader.

Author — Greg Helton


Every year walmart reily best buy
Reducing their staff
Thanks to Amazon and boing
And Big gaint tech companies

Author — Ranveer singh Sangha


Andrew Yang should've been the Democratic candidate. But people are stupid and never pick the guy who makes the most sense.

Author — Indeed48


“Automation will accelerate the already widening economic inequality around the world, " -Stephen Hawking

Author — They Live


You can eliminate all of that but, who's going to have enough money to buy your crap?

Author — 1Blastarr


Hmmm seems like Yang was running on some pretty great policies.

Author — jeebs621


Robots don't get viruses

Windows Computers: 😳

Author — R R


Time for UBI, no other foundational solution to address the displacement of jobs from automation.

Author — pfasse1


The rise of the Computer Scientists & Engineers MWAHAHAHA!

“Most people don't believe something can happen until it already has. That's not stupidity or weakness, that's just human nature.”
- Max Brooks

Author — Silas Dietrich


When Yang said it, everyone shrugged and didn't care.
Guessed Coronavirus proved the skeptics wrong.

Author — William Zhang


simple fact, the fewer jobs there are for people, THE FEWER JOBS THERE ARE. You think companies are going to hire 5 IT specialists for each AI machine, NO because the machine will have another machine for that. We going to rely on corporations to do the right thing? Those vampires cant wait to put us away. If today they could replace anyone in their company with an AI machine for 5 years worth of your wages, you would have a pink slip tomorrow.

Author — Titan_363


The reporter has mixed up automations ubi with the checks given during the pandemic.
UBI is an economic phylosophy, checks during a pandemic are an economic and vital necessity.

Author — Keybraker