YNW Melly - Freddy Krueger (ft. Tee Grizzley) [Official Video]

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YNW Melly - Freddy Krueger (ft. Tee Grizzley) [Official Video] 5

Watch the official video for "Freddy Krueger" by YNW Melly ft. Tee Grizzley
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This is how much people who don’t want ynw Melly to not die from “Corona virus”

Author — Sly spams L2


Leave a like if you’re a crazy fan or a fan

Author — Alaina Sanchez


The is not better than. Murdered on my mind who with me?☻😜

Author — Eli Velez


fяєє мєℓℓу нє ∂α яαρρєя αℓινє нє тнє вєѕт єνєяутнιиg ι нσρє нє ∂σи'т ∂ιє ωє ¢αи'т ℓσѕє нιм (ℓιкє ιf у'αℓℓ αgяєє ) -вℓм-єѕρєι¢ℓℓу ѕσ ∂σєѕ мєℓℓуѕ

Author — Offical _vanS


Is no one going to talk about when he scream and run at the camera

Author — Mowahid Khan


Michael Jackson would be impressed that moonwalk was so clean

Author — Lambo Rambo Famborghini


Claim your
“Here before 80 million views ticket”

Author — William Strozynski


“If drew didn’t film it, then it ain’t filmed right”

Cole Bennett: Hold my lemonade

Author — Sam N.


Who is here in 2021

Just me ok...😭

Author — MidNight Clan


Lol why does it look like this film during Quarantine

Author — Dexter 666


Damn Melly is so I am scared and sad for him when I heard he got "Corona virus, " Its also sad how people were all excited for 2020, people were saying that this year is going to be their year, and how everything was gonna go great !! But clearly 2020 Isn't the year we wanted after all.

Author — Christina Joseph


Like if ynw melly is better than Lil pump

Author — JetwayJJ


1:14 me waking up to my sister dancing on my bed LOL

Author — mason PZ boss


This how many people who don't want melly to die from Corona virus 👇

Author — Marie Hutto


4:12 Me going to my mom when she turns off the wi-fi

Author — SMG Hatake


he reminds me of young thug.. they would've sounded good on a song together.. too bad he ruined his life

Author — Stephen Williams


1:40 me when ı'm hear and see a fnaf jumpscare when ı'm 3 YEARS old

Author — æłįəņß æřə ņæřūþœ


This is my first time actually watching your video. 2:27 That’s where they got that from😱
To be honest, you look better with your dreads braided like you had in the video❤️❤️❤️

Author — PrettyLuhQueen Bell


Does no one else appreciate the CGI Freddy Krueger that walks next to him? 🤔

Author — Jiovani Villa


Anyone gonna talk about how smooth that moonwalk was?-

Author — A n I m a l c r a c k e r