How I learned to read -- and trade stocks -- in prison | Curtis 'Wall Street' Carroll

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How I learned to read -- and trade stocks -- in prison | Curtis 'Wall Street' Carroll 5
Financial literacy isn't a skill -- it's a lifestyle. Take it from Curtis "Wall Street" Carroll. As an incarcerated individual, Caroll knows the power of a dollar. While in prison, he taught himself how to read and trade stocks, and now he shares a simple, powerful message: we all need to be more savvy with our money.

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I vote this Ted talk as a top 10 ted talk ever. Like if you agree.

Author — Clemus Johnson


Unbelievable delivery. Most authentic TED talk I've seen.

Author — Troy Tucker


I wonder how many brilliant men will never know just how brilliant they are

Author — Dave Black


According to another interview, he said he is "scheduled to be released, in 2020" Thank God He is Rehabilitated, Positive, Productive; and an Asset.

Author — Add Love!™


His enthusiasm and happiness about his ability to read. Brought tears to my eyes.

He is so intelligent.

Author — 林惠聰


The power of opening a book 📖 and ignoring your mobile phone 📱 at least 2 hours daily.

Author — erock _617


Definitely a Ted that my high school students should watch.

Author — Jonathan Ziegler


I was in his class at soledad. When it was a main line. I finished at Tracy. I'm investing right now

Author — Angelo Willis


I am a 33 year old South African ex-con. I also read my first book 📖 in prison. I’m a space of 4 years, among other things I did in prison, I read over 100 books, wrote a book called, Success & Wealth through the Bible, and I learnt how to trade forex. Nice video my brother.👌

Author — Lungelo Shandu


It's bullshit that they teach us all sorts in schools but they DON'T teach us life-skills. The education system NEEDS to teach life-skills.

Author — Zane Truesdale


This man must have some kind of gift to gain this much intelligence in prison after having his youth not teach him these lessons.

Author — musicmaniac8787


All ted talks are inspiring and wonderful but this is certainly among some of the greater ones

Author — not really sure


9 months into the stock market and i'm already $23, 700 richer.
Whoever thought one could earn extra income trading stocks with the help of a stock broker.

Author — Creative Imagination


All of ya'll close minded people who did not like this man 's message is why America is falling down instead of rising . Big mistake on your part . Ignorance controlls you . This man is speaking 100 % truth .

Author — Nate King


He learned to read and trade stocks in prison. Meanwhile, US public schools barely teach economics🤔. Something is extremely wrong with the US education system. Parents in urban communities must apply for a "great school". Then wait to be chosen from a lottery. 😒

Author — Black Ceasar


I loved how so many of the audience were leaned forward as to absorb every word. POWERFUL.

Author — YaYaLoves Katoya Brown


Deep! Sway in the morning/Vlad TV bought me here. This is powerful. Good speaker, and he makes a lot of sense. I'm going to show this vid/lecture to my family.

Author — Followingfist


This guy is at the top of my list of favorite people I would love to meet!

Author — chillydotjeff


In 11 minutes I just learned a whole formula for success from a once illerate convict....

Author — Creole Belle


I met him when I worked at San Quentin, amazing guy here

Author — Everything Elle