Eldritch Arcana: Pathfinder Kingmaker Mod.

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

This mod adds the Oracle class and many feats + spells to the game, as well as character traits!

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This is greate! Ive respeced Jaethal to this class, and I think this is best suited for her-she can tank, can cast a lot of spells. She dont know about her past, and still have her diety. I wish you add more dieties and especially more curses it's such a good mechanic! THank you.

Author — Dmitrii Derugin


Nice vid man. Thanks for the help and walkthrough for uploading the mod. Just curious, what's your favorite class to play?

Author — Brother Mutant73


Is picking the Deity part of this mod?

Author — Tristan