Dan Bremnes - Beautiful (Lyrics And Chords)

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Official Lyric/Chord video for “Beautiful” by Dan Bremnes. (C) 2014 Sparrow Records

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A friend sent this to me this morning and said it reminded her of me. Brought tears and joy to my heart. What A " BEAUTIFUL" way to start my day! !!♡♡♡

Author — Phyllis Stone


"and you making me who i'm called to be rescued my heart, now I am free"
gets me every time, this part just means so much to me I can't put it into words!

Author — Barnitz Art


I LOVE this Its so meeee! Thank you Jesus for saving me!!!! 😍

Author — Delilah Ojeda


Now this is a good song to have stuck in your head!!

Author — renee.s.429


I love the "making me who I'm called to be, rescued my heart now I am free" just a beautiful and powerful line in my opinion. Much love Dan bremnes!❤️❤️

Author — Caleb Mccusker


This song is soo beautiful. God has given you such an amazing voice. God bless you!

Author — FarAwayDistance


My new favorite song!!!    Shine on Dan ..shine on!!

Author — Darrin Cooley


This song deserve more view. So beautiful indeed😍

Author — Samurai X


Amazing song!! I may sing this in front of my church for special music one Sunday 😊

Author — Kayla Newton


More people NEED to hear this song!!!... it's SO Beautiful, True Worship.

Author — Amanda Gaona


This is an absolute classic song. Well sung, well produced, so meaningful and full of compassion and hope. I first heard this on a CD when I was helping to paint our christian community church in the summer of two years ago. Been a fan of Dan's ever since. God Bless.

Author — Chris Moad


I heard this song on the radio months ago and I've been looking for it ever since. I finally found it and I'm so happy

Author — M1ke and Cheese


Beautiful song
One of my favorites

One of the greatest songs of all time

Congrats! :)

This song definitely puts a great big smile on our creator's heart

Author — Dawn Kenney


Thank you God for mercy and for changing my life!!! Love this song, I could live inside of it =)    JOHN 3:5, ACTS 2:38

Author — zimmy zimm


Its like hes singing about my life lol i relate to this to a T! 

Author — Carly Caraballo


This song is one of my favorites. Let the Lord still use you to inspire and motivate people thru His majesty. God bless you.

Author — Rosey Calunod


You has touched everyone's heart with this song...:)
please make more songs like this so christian people can enjoy it :)

Author — Grace


he sang this live at church and it was so beautiful 😍💖

Author — Etina H


I can't stop listening to this song! So beautifully written🙂

Author — Joy Gliwa


Soundtrack of my life.. Thank you Jesus!!!

Author — Whitney Melcher