Proof the US Mint is LYING About Silver Eagles

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  • ℹ️ Published 8 months ago

In this video I talk about the US Mint and the letter that they sent out lying about silver eagles. In the letter the US Mint says that they have dramatically increased the production of the American silver eagles and that this increase in production is making the silver eagle coins more available to the public. The US Mint has not increased production of the American silver eagles and in fact they have decreased production making these coins harder to get. I show the silver eagle mintage numbers from 2021 and from 2022 to prove the US Mint lied about production. I also show why the US Mint would have lied about the amount of silver eagle coins they actually produced. I believe that those responsible for the production of the American silver eagle coins should be fired and replaced by people who can actually do the job. It is the US Mint's legal obligation to provide enough .999 silver bullion coins to fill demand and clearly they are not doing this.

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NEVER blame incompetence when malice is clear as day.

Author — El-Diablo-Blanco


"absolutely disgusted" You took the words right out of my mouth SD. Thanks for the update. We appreciate you exposing their LIES👍

Author — bluewaterSTAX1980


But the government would never lie to us! Lol

Author — Caleb Fast


Totally agree Dragon! Fire the bastards. It’s either incompetence or a scam to push up demand and FOMO driven premium hikes - either way they don’t deserve their jobs if they can’t deliver the objectives of the US Mint Act to meet demand. I’m lucky. I live in Australia and the Perth Mint and the Royal Australian Mint are bloody AWESOME! 😊

Author — Marty Down Under


Your so right, these people in charge need to be gone ASAP

Author — DMc McWilliams


This is not a surprise. As some state legislatures have been introducing bills that would make gold and silver officially and lawfully legal tender. With the push by the WEF and the Feds for an all digital currency. It's no surprise they would start to reduce production of anything that might be used outside of the new digital currency. It's about complete control of all forms of currency that the general public may have Access too.

Author — Luke


I feel like there’s a more shady reason than just laziness. Who knows. Hopefully whatever is going on comes to light. I’d love to be able to stack ASEs, but I absolutely cannot justify that price, so I’ve been buying a lot of Britannias

Author — silver gunsmoke


Maybe they did mint more, but did not sell them. The number is the number of sales. Makes you wonder if they are lying or something worse.

Author — Shark Tooth Stacker


Love your content man, keep it up! You’ve gotten me into silver stacking and continue to help me make good decisions on what to buy and when. Thank you! 🙏

Author — T-Chill Silver and Such


Rumor has it that the information contained in this video was found in a document next to some guys corvette and was not supposed to be released to the public until further notice. :) SD your awesome man and this video was done perfectly. I won a Silver Dragon Silverback from Bullion Max as well cuz of just watching your channel.

Author — Chai Charin


This is why I go to a pawn store to grab eagles... I can't always cherry-pick my year, but I get quite the deal on eagles because I buy them close to melt. Plus the shops I go to have a machine that can check if it's real silver or not. Apmex is hard to trust, I have heard stories about their disservices to customers on several levels - so I go to the shop dealers I known since I was 9 or 10 years of age. I always get greated with smiles, honesty, and respect for my choices in coins.

Author — TheJRomans


I think they meant the 1oz Silver Proof Eagle, not the BU Silver Eagle. The US MINT did raise the mintage of the Proof Eagles in 2022 compared to 2021. That's the Westpoint and San Francisco coins. They sent those letters out to all the buyers from the us mint. Since we cannot buy BU Eagles from the mint. They had to be obviously talking about the proof Eagles being raised to the demand of the public, not the BU Eagles.



These high premiums helped me to focus on generics more.

Author — Koin Kollector


The premiums on these coins used to be reasonable a few years ago, now they are brutal.

Author — Chuck D


Great reporting Silver Dragons. All this means is BUY, BUY, BUY Silver now. It's like our government does NOT want us to buy gold and silver. So what do we do? We do the absolute OPPOSITE of what our govt wants us to do and buy, buy, buy.

Author — JFK Patriot


I've put myself on subscription with the mint for all the ase eagles, Morgan's, peace dollars. Special sets. They sell out fast. The mint could also limit the amount of pieces sold to dealers. That would loosen the supply.

Author — alex grazias


I’ve been “doing” silver for a few decades as a “put aside investment” in recognizable formats.
My personal rule/outlook is that when the “Premium” rises above 25% the “investment” aspect ceases to exist because it simply devalues the future resale profit potential and I stop buying.
Watching the people continue to buy as the Premium goes above 25% … to 50 … 75 and higher leaves me puzzled.
These are not “Collector Coins” of any future numismatic value so customers accepting these high premiums are actually devaluing … and supporting the devaluation … of their “Investment”.

So … what is the purpose?

Author — Bay 0Wulf


Back in September of 2022 on SD Bullion
I was able to buy Silver Eagles when the market price was $18.55 per ounce with premiums the final cost was $33.05
Today I was able to buy Silver Eagles when the market price was $23.46 per ounce with premiums the final cost was $32.65.
Only with Silver can you pay less when the prices rise it’s so manipulated.

Author — Andres Garza


There are lots of other governments issuing silver bullion coins that are a much better deal.

Author — imxploring


I love my Sunshine silver rounds. Good price and they have the seal on them. Plus I always assumed if I had to sell any bullion all I would get is spot price at best so why pay more?

Author — Matt Phillips