★ ArcheAge ★ - Part 4: Dream Ring - A Protective Potion

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For this part of the Dream Ring Questline, you will need the following items:
1:07 Snowflake in Trosk Mountain, Lilyut Hills
10:14 Frostbloom in Rookborne Basin
- 3 Diamonds
- 5 Rubies; and
- 10 Sapphires

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💬 Comments

Aaah, thank you for showing this, it would be a pain in the butt to search a right route, so thank you really! <3 And the yata is gold! Glad I have one. :)

Author — Balogh Eszter


Thanks for the guide i used carrot wings :)

Author — Rico DG


your guides are nice, helping alot :P

Author — Orlando Bitencourt


really good video ! <3 thank you very much

Author — Pedro Mendes


You relied on the yata way too much.

For those of you watching this video without a yata, the mountain she encounters at 8:03 is made completely irrelevant by the mountain behind it in the direction you came from. You can walk all the way up it, and glid past the mountain at 8:03 toward the right side.

Author — Ryval


no need for the yata mount. just the bunny mount

Author — david dela serna