Best WoW PvP Addons

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Strap up for your journey with these juicy addons.


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Simple, basic, and straight forward video about the addons I like to use. Thumbs up if you'd like more instructional guides such as this one!

Author — Hansol


Tidy plates is pretty good. It shows debuffs above enemy health bar (the one that floats above their head.) it tracks combo points also so rogues/fdruids don't need to take their attention away from their enemy.

Author — Corporate Mundo


Hey Hansol! I was just curious about your set bonus, i can't remember how old the video was but you said the cooldown on Counterspell is 20 seconds down from 24 seconds assuming this setbonus is the one you were talking about:
Set: Increase PvP power by 500
Set: Reduces the cooldown on counterspell by 4 sec when it successfully interrupts a spell.
(4) Set: Increases PvP Power by 1, 000
(4) Set: Reduces the cooldown on Ice Block by 30 sec.

Now, I don't get that and ive noticed you don't either,  
you have a 3 stack scorch meaning you get this instead:
Set: Casting scorch reduces the cast time and increases the critical strike chance of Fireball by 15%, stacking up to 3 times.
(4) Set: When you consume Hot Streak, your Pyroblast target has 15% incread chance to be critically hit by your Fireball spell for 10 sec.

The forums on mine and your character has the first one with reduced counterspell but our gear ingame says otherwise
not sure if this is a bug....
i need halp to confirm, i talked to a GM in ticket and he confirmed bug about 1 month and a half ago he said he sent a ticket for
wasn't fix but yeahh.

also, do you think firemages procs should be non dispellable and stealable?
Drown it with Fire!

Author — PossuM


Thanks Hansol again for those tips.
I like to have Quartz because u can increase ennemies & focus's cast bar which make it easier to CS.
Keep it up mate and may the fire guide you

Author — Julie Girardet


Yeah I'd recommend weak auras2 cause that addon is the bomb when you set it up right. It keeps you super aware of what the enemy has on them to mitigate your damage. You can set it up however you want and it becomes a visual gladiator losa instead of having a voice screaming at you

Author — Suun


VialCooldowns (or NamePlate Cooldowns, it does the same) is a must have for me, it shows what the enemy has on cooldown above their nameplate, like trinket, AMS, pummel, bubble ect ect (only bugs out with Tidy Plates) works in Arena, BG and World PvP

Author — Ferry Grootveld


I use the same ones but I also use eHorizon for a simple box that tracks your main moves and CDs super light weight and mega handy.
Second one I use is eError which basically gets rid of all of the red text that spams up on the screen. You can get pError but you have to individually enter all of the errors you want to hide while eError just removes all of them.

Author — Steanford


Hi Hansol,

Thanks for the video! I got a question though, how do you keep track of all your CC? Like sheeping a target in 3's? You see this through the normal interface (the sarena)? Thank you for the reply!

Author — Bjorn Rijpert


i think platebuffs is REALLY useful, shows dots and other stuff above enemy nameplates.

Author — Rice Gaming


I preffer next to addons mentioned in the video
- Bartender (in combination with masque)
- Mik's scrolling battle text
- MoveAnything
- Power Auras (I like to hear gnome-sneeze sound when warrior uses spell reflection :D)
And finally then best one I can't live without
SPY - and now I have no chance to miss any on these aliance rats anywhere in Azeroth :D

Author — Martin Procházka


You should get Align. it creates a grid on your ui so you can lign everything perfectly. I love it for my character/target and focus frame

Author — Chaargegaming


Thanks so much Hansol! This is perfect setup!

Author — Lps._.shortcake


yo hansol as a fellow pyro id say u should really check out tell me when. it lets you know all kinds of things but to minimize help, i only use it for a specific purpose: tracking incanter's flow stacks and trinket/weapon procs to set up bigger burst which is so necessary to score kills. it gives you customizable icons to place anywhere on the screen. cheers

Author — RunningxRiott


Hey Hansol, can you make a video about what addons on you use? I wanna go fire mage but I don't like the basic WoW UI.

Thumbs up so he can see.

Author — pkerjock


Most important addon for me is HealthWarning . Other addons i use : VialCooldowns, GladiatorlosSA, Omnicc and Losecontrol.

Author — Deyan Shishkov


i really like "GladiatorlosSa" (a female voice tells you the major abilities, the enemy is using)
it's really good when you focus on one target and don't really have an eye on the other ones beacause you hear what they are doing, even though they are not in your sight.
it can be really nice for skirmish, 2v2 and maybe 3v3.
for 5v5 it might be a bit too much sound.
thank you hansol, for all the good videos, i always like to watch them ;)

Author — Thomas Brandner


MyBigIgnite fire mage addon, what it does is it shows you how high your ignite is on the target so you'll know either to go for the combustion or not.

Author — Voolcan


ExtraCD is good for tracking internal cooldowns like trinket procs etc.

Author — ItzRemorze


A good thing for tracking your dots on a target is tidy plates. I can't live without it

Author — alkifo


I think tidy plates is a great addon, ive been using it for years.

Author — Xudong Wang