Raiders of the Lost Art - Hitler's Secret Treasure Castle

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Discover the dark history of one of Europe's most famous castles, the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, which housed one of the greatest art hoards of the war. US troops and the famous Monuments Men raced to capture the castle before the SS could destroy it and the billions of dollars of treasures stored inside.

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The castle stays up and the art is saved. One of the better stories of WW2

Author — Crow Bar


Great decision by the SS officer as that castle is beautiful and its treasure was priceless

Author — John Phillips


I visited the castle in 1987. I was not aware of this fact. This part of the castle's history was kept secret from the public. It is a beautiful place. An historical landmark a treasure itself. I'm grateful it was saved from destruction.

Author — paul bruno


I visited in 1985 and heard nothing of the palaces WWII history. Another great video Mark.

Author — Kevin Conrad


Thanks for the informative history! This was not in the guides definition of the castle when I visited in 1988. The one thing that I found interesting though was that in Germany it was mandatory for the youth to fulfill two years in the forces to which some of them serviced the activities that went on at the castle, such as classical concerts. They would also put on other events there as well. It is an important landmark for Germany today. Thank God that German officer withheld the order to blow it all to smithereens!

Author — Dan Reynolds


The story of how the art in the Louvre in Paris was spirited away within a day to prevent being taken by the Nazi's is also remarkable, considering how much there was and the coordination needed to have the collection taken and hidden away.

Author — Statimtek


I never thought I'd say these words, but "thank you" to the SS officer who acted with restraint.

Author — David B


Thanks for the fascinating content, Mark brilliant as always. My wife and I visited Neuschwanstein in 2015 amongst many other World War II historical sites in the region and had no idea the Nazis had stolen treasures stored there. Neuschwanstein receives around 6 thousand visitors daily during the summer which accounts to approximately 1.3 million visitors per year. Keep up the great. Look forward to more videos soon.

Author — Duchess


Remarkable deed of sanity by the SS officer. Wouldn't have expected it, really.

Author — UnclePutte


That was a lot of art work in that castle. Thank goodness the SS officer disobeyed his orders.

Author — history view


Wonderful story about the recovered art. It is amazing to learn that all would have been lost at the castle had not one Nazi disobeyed orders.

Author — Clay Kemper


Thank you for bringing to light this story. I've heard of such stories of incidences similar to this one. This one is unique because of this castle and the German officer's refusal to destroy these precious artifacts

Author — Jerry Umfress


This is one of my top 5 most beautiful areas in the world (I have travelled and lived all over the globe, btw) and if you can swing it, I highly would highly recommend a Weihnachtsferien! Glühwein, Weihnachtsmarkt, and the occasional visit by the groups of the Krampuse make the trip simply amazing! Blue -green alpine lakes that placidly reflect the snow covered mountains are simply stunning and the Bavarian people are quite warm and welcoming, especially if you learn a few German words/ phrases and simply show some respect for their tidy, well maintained villages and centuries old customs. Stay in Füssen and you will be able to immerse yourself in the real Disney experience and not just Walt’s adolescent interpretation. Now I have talked myself into returning asap! Great video, as always Mr. Felton!!!

Author — jim mueller


My family and I visited this castle last year. I had no idea about it's WW2 history. I am great full that the SS did not destroy it. Awesome place to visit.

Author — Thepriest39


I visited this castle in September 2019, the guide did mention the stolen art, and the refusal of the German officer to blow it up.

Author — joe o toole


Amazing video as always, Mark! Keep up the good work!

Author — Joonas Hannula


I hope to see you making full length documentaries one day, I'd watch them all!

Author — Ian E


I've been to the castle but never knew this WWII history. Thanks!

Author — Jack Kunst


I have an idea for you Mark. Could you start from the beginning of ww2 and sift through the archives to create new content similar to what you are doing now. It could be a great way for people to learn about the whole war from start to finish.
Currently it seems you are doing random videos and they are fantastic but I think what I'm suggesting is for you to put your content into a progressive structure with possibly episode numbers.
That should keep you busy!

An example: Episode 3: The Battle of Britain. Then let the content flow all about that topic. The move onto episode 4: The Battle of Normandy. etc

Author — info beam


C’mon Mark - you’re getting so close in subject matter- we want your take on the Gold Train supposedly in Wroclaw!

Author — Dav1d C