Far Out Psy-Trance Fx In Serum (Tristan, Avalon, Electric Universe)

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I have so much to learn😀. I am almost fifty years old but I love this stuff!!! If you feel bored when getting older start making psy trance! Your grand kids think you are awesome too.

Author — Torchbearer


I searched so long for that synth man:DD thanks

Author — Starblockk teeworlds


Mate just found your channel tonight. You've just scored a fan for life

Author — Branden Fraser


The last part made me subscribe immediately;)

Author — Chaim Kazor


Amazing! Im Dj Govinda and just started to produce music after a long time of djing... well thanks a lot for this tutorial! Im gonna check now all your works!

Author — Believe Lab


Gracias por tanto en tan poco!!! excelente trabajo. Saludos desde México!

Author — Soma Psychedelic Music.


would love to see more videos like this.

Author — ZNEQX


For a second I thought it was Au5. Thank you for the video

Author — Joey Dicasio


nice tutorial man! bit loud at the end tho lol

Author — Ankh Ular


Helped a lot, can you please make a tutorial about Psytrance Razer beat effects, which goes on consistently on the basking

Author — Varun Bhole


Nice ! Btw you could use the chaos oscillator in S&H mode instead of note on random :p

Author — Rob


very nice bro!! the mid patter is in 1/16?

Author — Luís Felipe Ramos


Awesome sound. I know it's an old synth but any chance you have anything in NI Massive? Trying to figure out some of the fx and aros that featured in psytrance before Serum, and I'm not getting very far.

Author — Reson8s


if i copy your steps, i dont get the same sound... working on fl studio. need help

Author — MrChemic


Hmm, I followed these exact settings but got a different result

Author — Dohn Joe


Can you make a video of Gnarly n twisted lead in serum

Author — Jagadisan S


my cutoff modulation does not sound any like in your example. how long is the midi note you have in the editor?

Author — PsyBuddy Miro


Best tutorial for psytrance synth i ever seen, very big thanks for this vid ! Make more vid

Author — ૐ P3PY ૐ


Great video. My friend are going to ask you if you can do lead like kabayun and drip drop thx

Author — Diogo Ferreira


Hey, you shouldn't care about what people are gonna leave you as comment, specially the haters, I mean haters gonna hate, horses gonna horse you know !
Hope to see some new videos soon :)

Author — Ollie Music