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New Rules on Health Protocols for DOMESTIC TRAVEL issued by Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) on February 26, 2021 which states that Covid Test, Quarantine and Travel Authority no longer required! Please watch the full video!

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By the way, I am a dual citizen of the United States and the Philippines.

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February 22, 2021

NEW CHANGES EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 1, 2021. The travel ban has been lifted from countries that have the covid variant. Also, balikbayans or former Filipinos can now travel to Philippines and avail of the one year visa-free privileges. Foreign spouses and children must now book an accredited hotel for at least 7 nights and be tested on the 6th day after date of arrival.

FEBRUARY 16, 2021- Additional foreigners allowed to enter but foreign tourists are not yet allowed.

Standard Health Protocols:
Mandatory wearing of face masks and face shields.
Mandatory registration to Case Investigation Forms depending on the traveler’s type and port of entry (Manila, Cebu, Clark).
Mandatory use of the Traze Mobile Application to generate and scan their QR code when entering in, boarding from, and upon arriving in all Philippine Airports starting Nov. 28, 2020.


S-PASS PH - LGU Travel Policy Table

❇️Philippine Airlines Travel Guide

Traze App

DOH Certificate Page:

The accredited hotel must be suitable for stringent quarantine and can be viewed at

Affidavit of Undertaking:

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Thank you for this vids, , nakakasawa na kasi manood ng balita umaasa na Lang ako YouTube mas legit sa news parang nag lolokohan lang

Author — Sittie Aisah Usman


Lovely video, a lovely virtual walk, it's very relaxing. Thanks for sharing!

Author — Brain FM - Music for Relaxation and Stress Relief


Let's wait for a week and see how it will change again. And still the LGU's will have their own rules.

Author — Super Mario


I’m just curious about quarantining after arriving in the Phil. Can someone quarantined in one of the hotel, ba also allowed to go the lobby or in a hotel restaurant? or just solely inside of someone hotel room? Meaning you can not leave the room unless the quarantine period is finish?

Author — Jerkav M. H


I’m from California and planning to have a vacation this middle of March I’m asking if upon arriving in Manila still undergo quarantine and shabing? Thank you maam if you give favorable action regarding this matter. God bless!

Author — Sid Ringor


Your reading is very relaxing and informative i have subscribed
God Bless always

Author — Chuck Jones


😪 here in Australia & I miss my family in Philippines. Malungkot pag malayo ka talaga. Hoping for international travel soon! At least sana sa end of the year para makauwi ng Christmas

Author — Ellen Claire Castro


Thanks for the update. However, I wish you would highlight right away in your thumbnail that the good news is for local travels only.

Author — Ponchipluk Bajongjong


Do you mean to say that the 7 days required quarantine in DOH approved hotels upon arrival from International flights and the mandatory COVID test on the 6 days of stay in hotels are now not a requirement for NON OFW arriving in the Philippines?

Author — mike navarro


lets see what the LGU's will decide ! usual provinces more strict then manila even if they are under MGCQ they put people up to 14 days in quarantine ! i arrived on 8th.february at clark airport and had 7 days (6 night) strict hotel quarantine ! i got tested on the 6th.day and got my negative result after 25 hours ! then i had to complete my 14 days at home quarantine in manila ! rules here changing fast so lets hope the LGU's in the provinces will not be too strict🙏🙏🙏

Author — mike vienna


Hopefully soon I will be able to travel there from UK . I've had my vaccine . Do you know when things will open up for tourism from UK . Thanks for your update 😊

Author — Paul Simpson


Thank you for sharing this updates again sis

Author — simplyGem &family in canada


If you receive both shots with vaccine cards would the Philippines consider a weaver to foreigners from US thats taken the vaccine with cards please if can notify the request to do so if possible . Thank you

Author — Eric Ross


Can’t wait for International Travel to open

Author — Joshua DeMoss


Thank you po sa latest update about the quarantine protocol .nakakatulong po sa amen specially sa mga non ofw .hoping na you give us an updated news regarding this quarantine. Para.alam namin what to expect.again salamat and God Bless ingat.🙏

Author — Anna Yanos


Thank you! Meron po ba kayo ng list ng province na nag require mag quarantine? Akala ko pwd na mka travel ang foreigners sa Ph? D po pwd?

Author — r d


This is great video thanks sa info sis sana lahat na pati international ok na lahat thanks for sharing watching till end

Author — Life Together with Rob and Mildrid


Salamat Joseline, I'm a new subscriber, I also have family in the Philippines, your channel is very informative. Blessings from Ireland, Danny 🌈

Author — Isaiah 43:19 Behold a new thing is coming


Thank you so much for the info , but I want to know if the phil airline require to have swab test before on board

Author — Nanie Caungsod


Thank you ...it is safe now to travel to the Philippines...I am dual citizen ...good no cowarantine anymore ...GOD BLESS YOU 🙏🙏🙏

Author — Sylvia Nolasco