DCS: AH-64D | Defensive Systems

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In this DCS: AH-64D video, we’ll explore the defensive systems that will be available at launch. These will include the Aircraft Survivability Equipment, or pronounced “ACE”, that consists of the wire strike protection system, the AN/APR-39A(V)4 radar signal detection set, and the Common Missile Warning System, pronounced “C Moss”.

Combined, they work to detect, warn, and provide countermeasure options against both radar-guided and infrared-guided threats.

Later in early access we will add the AN/AVR-2A laser signal detecting set, the AN/ALQ-136 electronic radar jammer, and the AN/APR-48A Radio Frequency Interferometer.

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Love the intro, I couldn't be more hyped for this thing. It's giving me Jane's Longbow vibes

Author — emkaes


Everyone is talking about the Intro... the Outro had me rolling... Some of the best jump scares I've ever had is from playing DCS. This should be classified as a SIM / Horror Game haha!

Author — Arizona Gold Hunters


Wags, you are such a tease! I'm so excited to try this bird out. One question: If we run out of chaff are we able to open the door and throw out the foil wrappers our emergency MREs came in?

Author — Frostycab


Nice to see it with the FCR, I know that is after release, but to me; such an iconic visual.
Saw your mission alongside others, Casmo et al, nice hovering, I would really like to see more of that from you guys, great stuff!

Author — Spigot


Wags, I am just stunned at the progress Eagle Dynamics has made ever since a friend showed me his “A-10C simulator” almost 12 years ago.

Author — SHADO


Maybe I'm just new but it seems lately that Wags is having more fun making these videos. Really excited to try this aircraft out!

Author — taco_loco


After your flight with Casmo (and all the AA shot in your direction), I'd have to say, no, I know exactly how you got in that situation :)

Author — TheWabbitSeason


that has to be the best intro to counter measures i have ever seen

Author — Starmations


Been watching these types of videos since 2016, and that is the best intro I’ve seen yet.

Author — Flight-Sim-Fan


You're just knocking it out of the park. But - please don't overwork yourselves! Or at the very least, have one hell of a party once this thing is released, please!

Author — Stephen Gilmore


Amazing work guys! I'm so excited to see this module roll out, but please take your time. I loved the intro and the outro haha. One more thing: can you guys make the AI CPG move his head randomly during flight, like Jester does in the F-14? Thanks!

Author — Tele


Impressive module. The fidelity is by far the most advanced ED has ever implemented on any of their module. Just trying to imagine what the Apache would be like if she is feature complete.
Lots of time will be spent learning this aircraft. ED has obviously outdone themselves in the implementation of this module.
My salute to the everyone involved in the making this module.

Author — Ernestwinslow


It seems like the team is really getting comfortable making these video. They just keep getting better and better. It's nice to see people comfortable in their skin and using humor. Keep it up, it's top notch.

Author — Kirk Ford


Excellent video! Loved the opening and the ending. The middle part was nice and informative, but the other parts made me chuckle. 😁

Author — Michael Smith


Production quality on these is fantastic now

Author — M1a2sepwr


Just love the confidence in his voice when speaking about how easy it is to avoid/evade incoming missile threats when flying over rolling terrain...then he gets shot down by one lol.

Author — Jeff Burnham


Nice throwback intro ! 10 points for creativity

Author — Al Mann


Wags - so pleased for you and the team - this is going to be awesome - personally for me 30 years in the wait like many of us. I really look forward to bringing some content on this beauty. x

Author — HELI SHED


I almost feel like I need to attend a few weeks' worth of classroom instruction prior to even starting to load this mod up. this is a GOOD thing. a Very Good thing.

Author — ricky4001cs


Wonderfull intro! Thx for the work and dedication on this awesome videos! Could it be that we will fly the Ah64 on this weekend. ;)

Author — Darker240s "Youtube Palooza Channel"