OnePlus X Unboxing and Impressions

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 years ago

Here's a look at the latest device from OnePlus! At $249, the OnePlus X looks to be very competitive. See what's in the box, and my impressions.

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Always respect your reviews of devices and love how it's not only the overpriced devices but mid and low.

Author — Mark Nguyen


Great comprehensive first impressions video Tim. I am looking forward to the full review

Author — Joel Gage


the content you are putting out is getting better and better. keep it up!

Author — Tally Kalm


Finally someone that tries on the case to see how it looks. Thanks for that!

Author — G. Bogdi


Thanks for putting a size comparison. All other channels ive seen have not done this and its what I wanted to know the most.

Author — Cristian Barraza


Tim, can you let us know how the reception is with the X seeing how it's missing band 12 and 17 and also what service you are using. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Author — • USPCompact45 •


Finally someone who shows the case on the phone! Looks good so I'm glad I didn't buy an extra case.

Author — Dale Cheetham


Really interested finding out how the LTE reception is one this phone. That's honestly the only thing making me skeptical about getting one.

Author — Brandon H.


Nice review. 801 still perform very good. my OPO still Rocks. I would like to get my hands on the X.

Author — Kazi Moazzem Huq


thank you for actually putting on the case that comes along with the x, noone of the other youtubers put it on at their unboxings 😂

Author — TheTyttyTwyster


Man, this device is so sexy, but I fear it's not worth upgrading to from the Oneplus One. Pretty similar specs, battery is even worse. But looks so dope and that AMOLED display. The want is strong with this one...

Author — Ryunis


I really like this phone, but it lacks the LTE band that my carrier uses in my area.

Author — John Dillard


Looking forward for your full review..!

Author — Cj Akshay


Not sure if your a Verizon customer but would love to know how it functions on big red, this would be a great phone for my wife

Author — Jorge Hernandez


Great video. I'm still waiting for my invite to purchase that phone, because it's gorgeous

Author — GuaZango


Tim can you just provide a comparision video of Moto X play and Oneplus X .;about battery life, os, camera comparision .Thnx hope to see ur comparision video

Author — Varun Shukla


Hi there! I have been thinking about this issue. Will we be able to install apps on the microsd card?

Author — Vijay Thykuttathil


i'm using zenfone 2 laser.want one plus x so badly..evrything almost perfect except 4 the fingerprint reader.expecting the price will be slightly low by now.hmm

Author — Muhammad Afiq


Good review as always just slow down a bit on them... you've got my attention already so make it worthwhile.

Author — Brad Balonier


dang i wanna get this phone but im not sure if the lte will be good

Author — TheAmazingBoj