Albela Sajan x Apsara Aali | Ahir Bhairav | Abby V, Antara Nandy | Hindustani Classical

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Antara Nandy and I are SO THRILLED to share with this special project with you all: an almost all-vocal A Cappella arrangement of ALBELA SAJAN and APSARA AALI!

Antara is one of my favourite singers and it has been an absolute pleasure collaborating with her on this very special project. Making it all the more special is the fact that we're releasing this today on her BIRTHDAY! Join me in celebrating this gem of a singer and wishing her a lifetime of happiness and musical joy!

A little about this project: We both love the raag Ahir Bhairav and we were keen to do a largely A Cappella arrangement of two iconic songs based around this raga. Albela Sajan is a traditional bandish composed by Bhupat Khan 'Manrang' in Ahir Bhairav, set to teen taal; and APSARA AALI is an iconic Marathi Lavani composed by Ajay-Atul (originally sung by them and Bela Shende) with lyrics by Guru Thakur from the film, Natarang.

Special thanks to Karandeep Sheemar for his stellar work on this video given the immensely tight timeline!

Vocals: Abby V, Antara Nandy
Arrangement: Abby V
Video & Editing: Karandeep Sheemar

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💬 Comments

Who else thinks Abby should do more collabs with antara? You guys are awesome!

Author — Vishnu Prasad


When a Tamilian and a Bengali collabs, it's a Nuclear Explosion 🔥 No words to explain how great I felt while and after listening the song ❤️...Jai Hind 🇮🇳

Author — Director Dutta


Why these type's of cassical cover's doesn't gets more views 😖
Respect you both❤️🙌 Pure talent🙏this is real music ❤️🙏

Author — Akash Mekkalaki


Its actully worth of billion viwes its still underrated

Author — Anusangeet


This is the real talent in the world. There are singers who don't even have good voice to sing and are working in the film industry.

Author — Khushi Sharma


A Tamizhan singing Marathi song along with a Bengali/Assamese, is a perfect blend to represent Indian unity 🇮🇳.

Author — Aditya Nagare


As an Indo-Canadian-American I am proud of these two talents. Bless you. Indian classical music tradition will continue to grow and evolve is your great hands.

Author — Krishna Mathura


*Actually this is the real talent that should trend at no. 1!*

Author — Dabhi Shreya


I shocked....when sudden start "APSARA AALI" brilliant Combination....

Author — Sujit Patil


I have fallen in love with this track since it’s release. Gives me goosebumps all the time and I listen to this from the moment I wake up and I fall asleep listening to this. This has become my stress buster since a few days. Thank you soo much for this mindblowing performance 🥺❤️

Author — Fathima Thamanna


Wow ! It's really amazing ! When I was hearing this song I feel I have gone in different world heavenly.. I really want to hear more songs ❤❤..Love the rendition ❤

Author — Swarnali Chakraborty


No words to explain the beauty. Please make more songs together. I just can’t stop listening to this song.

Author — Mohan Parthasarathy


Perfect mood booster. This is beyond admiration. Such a masterpiece!

Author — Radha Sapkota


Indian classical music eats up every other energy transitions and completely transforms into positivity, divinity and spirituality❤️

Author — Vikalp Raj


You both are amazing singers. You take me out of this body. The experience of Indian classical music and its powerful impact on the mind of the listener can only be experienced, is called super conciousness. The ultimate happiness.🙏🙏

Author — Shubha Urs


When 2 young Dynamic, extremely talented, hardworking and passionate singers come together...even the Gods above have no choice but to dance with glee. Lot of credit goes to your parents. Great job guys !!!

Author — Ann Divakarla


This song is really underrated. I literally had goosebumps during the classical part. Go ahead

Author — Rafia Islam Covers


He is a master of languages and ragas … the swift is so smooth… Antara is also superb 😍

Author — Smita G


No words to explain the feeling. 💘 Literally got goosebumps. 🔥 Totally speechless. ❤ May God bless you both. 😊

Author — Triasha Chowdhury


This is by far the best version of this song I have heard! Surprised to see number of views, such music deserves to travel across continents.

Author — Shuddha Jain