Which Automakers Can Seriously Challenge Tesla?

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Which Automakers Can Seriously Challenge Tesla? 4.5

Several major automakers are making big bets on electric vehicles. A few vehicles have been released so far, but sales indicate any one of them has failed to make a significant dent in Tesla’s share of the EV market. So, who are they? And how much of a chance do they have?

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Which Automakers Can Seriously Challenge Tesla?

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10 years ago they asked can Tesla challenge other automakers.... now it's other way around.

Author — Greenred Productions - Relaxing Music


Tesla's story is best described by the following statement: "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Author — Michael Manjin


By ignoring Tesla’s software and auto drive this review completely misses the point.

Author — jwmc41


Companies like Tesla and Apple have now become a cult.

- Sent from my iPhone in a Tesla.

Author — Aman Agarwal


Tesla's "competition" only makes Tesla look that much better.

Author — Richard Alexander


A guy who puts satellites and rockets into the sky is always going to be able to create the best electric car

Author — Chesney Hawkes


-Touchscreen phones were weird
-AirPods were weird
-Three camera phones were weird
-Cybertruck is weird

Author — Minimal Red


Every time a news reporter -in describing Elon Musk, goes, _"The charismatic, and controversial CEO"_, I feel like they're describing it for a boomer.

Author — Lu


I'm starting to think CNBC is paid advertisement for the oil industry and their internal combustion engine clients.

Author — Steve Leyden


“The future is electric cars”
- Nicola Tesla (1901)

Author — Martin Martinez


Battery, charging network, software technology. That's the reason and none of them were mentioned in the video?

Author — Redjakarta


2010: Can Tesla survive?
2020: Who can beat Tesla?

Author — Razib Baral JOY


The reason everyone is losing to Tesla is because they ignore the most important part of Tesla's


Author — luis abularach


I don't care who's taking on Tesla. It's good to hear that everyone is going electric.

Edit: Thanks for the 3 likes.
Edit: Thanks for the 1 like.

Author — John


The guy is making rockets 🚀 why don’t u want a car from him. Seriously.

Author — Kalron07


Tesla is really the future and its going to make all legacy automotive companies look like dinosaurs in comparison.. I'm heavily invested in tesla and I believe they are going to absolutely dominate the automotive industry for the next decade and potentially the taxi industry as well.. man im just excited to be in for the ride this going to be an exciting couple of years coming up 💪🤑🔥🚀

Author — George Perez


*The name is Musk, Elon Musk!*
_007 of automobile industry._

Author — Jayakrishna Balaji Kandappan Senthilvel


2010: Can Tesla compete with everyone else?

2020: Can everyone else even compete with Tesla?

well, since it's now fashionable to thank for likes on comments for some reason;
I'd like to express my gratitude towards my family, friends, my teachers, our neighbours, the police, the firefighters, the army, all the janitors...

Author — matoush


I just bought my first Tesla. I can say that it's amazing! and to think I almost literary paid for it with $20k without any mortgage... damn. I love Tesla and I love Tesla stock too haha. it's definitely skyrocketing again

Author — Edward Ratcliffe


"New highs in february 2020"
July 2020 : "Hold my beer"

Author — Francesco Leo