Confused Islamophobes Target American Sikhs: The Daily Show

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Confused Islamophobes Target American Sikhs: The Daily Show 4.5

Hasan Minhaj sits down with designer and actor Waris Ahluwalia to find out how Islamophobia is affecting America's (non-Muslim) Sikh population.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah airs weeknights at 11/10c on Comedy Central.

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Americans probably think Jesus was an white english speaking christian.

Автор — N1PaK


Americans are intimidated by turbans and headscarves but not by guns, wierd lot

Автор — Definitely Shana


"If it doesn't look like me,
I hate it." - America

Автор — Zu


Sikh are the most culturally kind people I've ever met. It's outrageous how they get treated.

Автор — Giovanni Giorgio


Why are americans scared of people with turbans but not scared of their own people who all have guns

Автор — Kavin Saravanan


If Jesus would have walked into an American airport security, they would have screened him twice for his beard and middle Eastern looks.

Автор — Vincent Vadakkan


"You're also only thinking about yourself."

"And that's the American way."


Автор — Robin Garcia


me after seeing America: maybe my country isn't that bad

Автор — rose x


"That's why I wear the turban, to treat humanity with care and kindness."

I like him. As a muslim woman, I can relate. I wear my hijab and its a constant reminder that I have to be kind and fair to people and I am extra patient.

I shall not go through the trouble to wear a hijab in vain and make sure I emit qualities that are exemplary and that God would like.

Автор — SSBMA1994


I am a sikh . I would like to say that as much wrong is targeting sikhs, also wrong is targeting just about any muslims too .
Yes, some people who were muslims may have committed seriously bad crimes against humanity.
But how justified is it to target anyone simply for the sake of being muslim ?

I don't want any hate to any sikh, muslim, black or white just because of their culture, skin color or gender . Let's make a progressive world of peace and equality for our future generations !!

Автор — Sehej wahla


I respect Sikhs and their religion and culture as a Muslim.

Автор — CodePlaysGames


I Bet when Jesus came back to thid world, American will called him Terrorist!

Автор — River Run


I'm an Indian and trust me, Sikhs are arguably one of the best people in the world!

Автор — Arpit Sharma


I was doing some work in a Sikh guy's house and while I'm an atheist, I had never heard of the Sikh religion at the time and was curious about it. So I was talking to the guy and he showed me his shrine and broke it all down for me. But my dumbass coworker kept wanting to talk to the guy about Islam and doing his damnedest to draw parallels between the religions, essentially refusing to acknowledge Sikhism as it's own distinct religion. I was mortified by the fact that my coworker was being profoundly racist but at the same time in awe of just how cool the gentleman was about it. If someone was being that ignorant and disrespectful in my house I would have physically thrown them out the front door. Sikhs are the most chill people I've ever met.

Автор — Cryptaku


Americans can identify thousands of pokemons but can't differentiate between a Muslim and a Sikh.

Автор — Tirth Donda


how bad is Americas high school system? one knows history, geography, civics or common knowledge



*Japanese* *people* : People are targeting us for being Chinese due to Covid 19. We aren't even Chinese.

*Sikhs* : First time??

Автор — Technical guys


So bittersweet! Hate that minorities are targeted but I love how they refused to blame Muslims even though they were Sikhs.

Автор — ThePaganSun


Who would win:
A religion of warriors renowned for their strength and fortitude
Karen saying "No hats allowed"

Автор — MrHatoi


For people who think Jesus was you also think he spoke English?

Автор — TheNessMess