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in memoriam Scanner [Redacted] (12/14/2013 - 09/30/2019)

This music video is dedicated to the old beloved Ingress Scanner [Redacted] that was shut down on 09/30/2019.
It is also a video about software bugs and friendship.
#RIPRedacted #Ingress

Original Song (Father and Son) 1970 by Cat Stevens.

[Verse 1 - Father]
It's not time to make a change, just uninstall, take it easy.
You use Prime, that's your fault, there's so much you have to know.
Find a pub, have a beer, if you want, you can capture
Look at me, I'm retired, but I'm happy

I was once like you are now, and I know that it's not easy.
To be calm when you've found something to link to.
But take your time, submit bugs, I think of everything we've got.
Prime will still be here tomorrow, but Redacted's not.

[Verse 2 - Son]
How can I try to explain? 'cause when I do he turns away again.
It's always been the same old user story.
From the moment I could hack I was used to crashes,
now there's a way, and it's sublime, I am using Prime
It's sublime, I'm using Prime

[Verse 3 - Father]
I don't want to make this change, I sit down and take it slowly.
You use Prime, that's your choice, there's so much you have to go through.
Find events, travel there, if you want, you can pay them.
Look at me, I will not, but I'm happy.

[Verse 4 - Son]
All the badges that I'd miss, and all of the Ingress friendships,
it is hard, but it's harder to ignore it.
I just want to create fields, mod like crazy, shitlink my hood,
but I know deep in my heart, that we'll meet again.
I know we'll meet again.

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💬 Comments

Still a better love story than Twilight

Author — ItzzyBitzzy


I laughed, I cried, I derp-linked my hood.

Author — Scot Bontrager


This one makes me lough and cry at the same time

Author — Kalle S.


Good work Agent, you make me cry, it's so beautiful

Author — Éloi


Danke für alles. Ich kann immernoch nicht verstehen warum Niantic seine beste Software einfach eingestampft hat.

Author — Raveheart


Excellent work, nothing to add! RIP [Redacted]😭

Author — Henri Stosch


We'll miss you, the game which took our minds and souls. My heart will stay with Redacted forever...

Author — Степан Сорокин


Awesome work! Redact in peace! So many good memories! -

Author — Martin Zehetmayer


Touching song, thank you! RIP Scanner Redacted =(

Author — Пётр Толстопятенко


If you could share the lyrics, that would be great (although auto generated subs did a good job, english is my second language and I would really appreciate to sing this in memoriam).

Author — Lucas 'Ktulu789'


Great work and a very respectful goodbye to our old scanner. You only know what you miss, when somebody leaves you forever. Prime with its communication errors and deploy hiccups still feels like an early beta.

Author — radnai


Goodbye Redacted. I will see if I can keep playing on Crime. It lost it's "agent" atmosphere and really looks like a game now.

REDACT IN PEACE! Thanks for so much, Ingress! Respect!

Author — Lucas 'Ktulu789'