Wembley 2000: The story of Ipswich Town's promotion to the Premiership

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

A special film documenting Ipswich Town's glorious promotion to the Premier League, 20 years on.

In what remains the highlight of a generation's time supporting the Blues, George Burley's men finally made it over the hump after three-successive play-off disappointments.

The semi-final victory over Bolton will live with those present forever, while the final itself against Barnsley was the culmination of Burley's five years in charge.

The story is told by those who made it happen, including David Sheepshanks, Burley, Marcus Stewart, David Johnson, Tony Mowbray, Kieron Dyer and James Scowcroft.

Production team: Andy Warren, Nick Mellamphy and Shaun Lawson




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What an amazing watch! Congrats to Andy Warren for managing to put this together in difficult times. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. That Marcus Stewart walk-out at the end says it all. The Tony Mowbray footage was heart-wrenching, and it was wornderful to see David Johnson showing all of his personality, something I didn't see much of at the time due to the limited coverage of football back in the day. It reminds us why we love this club so much.

Author — Peter MacLeod


This is truly sensational and has bought me so much joy - thank you thank you for lifting my spirits...

Author — Miranda Bunting


Wow, that really hit me with the feels. Great film that really sums up everything that unfortunately the club currently isn’t. I just hope that within my lifetime we’re lucky enough to see similar days again one day.

Author — Luke Winchester


Thank you! Loved every second. Great to see how much the club means to those players especially Tony M and Marcus.

Author — Ian Peters


Amazing work KOA Team. Wembley was one of those incredible days you never forget. Goosebumps watching this, moments with a tear in the eye, and huge smile at every special memory and moment. What an amazing group of people and proud to be part of the Blue Army!

Author — Jack Glennon


Unreal Time's...
A good team who cared an owner who talked to the Fan's at every opportunity.
Hope the good days return soon

Author — Dave Traveling Heritage


The best ipswich times in my lifetime. Magiltons performance in the semi finals still has to be one of the greatest in a play off match.

Author — Harry Perry


Wonderful film, thanks KOA for making this happen, never knew the sadness that bought Mogger to Town but so glad that he found a new home and Stewie's teary piece at the end made me well up. #Bluearmy

Author — Steve Wallers


OMG - what a fantastic video. I was welling up inside well before Marcus Stewart got all emotional at the end, but that put me over the edge! I was lucky enough to be at all three of those games. They were by far and away the best games I've ever been at. Absolutely incredible.

Author — Andrew Robinson


Very emotional watch. Beautiful times at Portman Road! Was at most of the home matches for a few years running up to 2000 (and many more years after) with my late grandad. The semi final was just incredible, and probably one of the greatest matches I’ve had the privilege of watching. Wembley was just an incredible day, and brings back many wonderful memories of good times spent with my grandad. Happy days indeed. #ITFC

Author — Shane Beatty


Amazing video, for great teams read great chairman, manager and captain. We have had Cobbold, Robson, Mills and Sheepshanks, Burley, Holland, what would we give today for three more kings?

Author — Paul Mayes


Simply amazing! Brings back great memories of twenty years ago

Author — djtbaldwin


Thank you such an amazing day out so many tears first of dejection and lastly elation a time in my life i will never forget great times indeed. Marcus Stewart at the end sums up the pride players had playing for the club if only players today had the same pride.

Author — Michael Finch Maldonblue52


Beautifully put together. The most amazing times, absolutely one of the best days of my life, without question. I cried again 20 years on!! Thank you!!

Author — David Chapman


This is a special video. I was 16 and my dad told me to enjoy every second of it because it may not happen again in my lifetime. I’ve always wished I could relive those moments at Wembley and this is the closest it gets. Thanks for the memories! ChelmsfordBlue

Author — Oliver Storey


Fantastic film, thank you! It also reminds me why I continue to put myself through it today, once your club always your club.

Author — rllmuk


Was actualy welling up by the end of this. Safe to say that it's sad to see where the club is at right now but this doc gives me hope that the next crop of kids can step up and become legends themselves. Lambert needs to show this to the squad before every match and then maybe we wouldn't get tonked 4-1 at Doncaster. No disrespect to Doncaster but this club deserves better than that.

Author — Tim Readhead


Well done Andy for putting this together.



Thank you Andy and the team for putting this together. Such great memories of that day and that special team. Hope we’ll be back some day soon, but for now this will do very nicely.

Author — Pete Teevan


Absolute superbly made documentary . Well done to all who contributed to its creation. Stunning.

Author — andy mcevoy