Ingraham: The truth about hydroxychloroquine

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Ingraham: The truth about hydroxychloroquine 4.5

A new study released on hydroxychloroquine for use on COVID-19 patients is shockingly irresponsible and, as top virologists are saying, perhaps even agenda-driven. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle

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Florida man dies of the Corona virus after being eaten by an alligator !

Author — Scott O,Donahoe


There is no money to be made from an old medication!

Author — susan Higgins


They cannot let us have a cure as how can they push a vaccine☠️☠️💉💉

Author — Linda Carmichael


7:51 I lost my mom to a vaccine. MMR she received in nursing school. It initiated a neurodegenerative process that she suffered from for ten years.

Author — Joe Barcelona


remdesivir is way more EXPENSIVE than hydroxychloroquine PERIOD.

Author — Angelica Javier


An effective treatment would make a vaccine redundant... can't have that.

Author — Holy Harlot


They intentionally left out the ZINC!!!!

Author — Shelly Whelan


Fouchi has been peddling vaccines since the early 80's AIDS??

Author — Joshua Keys


The VA. hasn't been a good source of information for a long time now.

Author — Wabbit N Red


No such thing as zero side effects unless it does nothing anyway.

Author — Giyan Chand


My God, I have never seen the media attacking a drug so much like hydroxychloroquine.
This feels likes the twilight zone.

Author — Formally Informal


Bs... hcq worked for all three family members that got covid19, so please don't believe liars... it does work!!! Add zinc and azitromiacin

Author — lily


The phony survey they did omitted Zinc, which was used in all Successful treatments. It's like they wanted the study to fail.

Author — Jim Mooney


The mainstream media is the enemy of America. 😎😎😎

Author — Heith Watkins


Why is the addition of Zinc to the hydroxychloroquine treatment being mentioned? Zinc is a supplement that has been in use for years as well.

Author — Bob Von Bruns


I've had it with our media. I live in Milwaukee...and they just did a story that a local restaurant owner died of Coronavirus. She didn't look that old...probably about early 50s. Then at the end of the story they say..she also had leukemia and lupus. This whole thing is getting out of hand. The media is destroying our country.

Author — Derek Gabrys


Rita Wilson was given it and survived hydroxychloroquine and zinc I will try it if I get it. No to bill gates

Author — Lisa Warren


Sounds like that VA "study" was done with an agenda in mind ...

Author — Ken Foye


I am an Austrian living 35 years in Nicaragua and use Hydroxychloroquine when I have to drive to the Atlantic coast with Malaria twice a week for prevent.

Author — Hannes Schwarzberger


this drug is no longer available under emergency provision...the CDC are experts.
Laura is not an expert at anything other than her own alienation

Author — Fine Art