RWBY Fairy Tales: The Grimm Child (Series Premiere)

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  • ℹ️ Published 7 months ago

Grimm are walking horrors that roam the wilderness... but there are some that bring the terror closer to home.

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"We're not supposed to go to the forest."

Not without the power of the double-dare.

half a day passes...


Author — GraceReuben


This makes me want more nomad of nowhere than anything else

Author — Kh0rn312


What kind of sibling just waits until the sunsets to think “yeah I should probably see if my younger sibling is alive.”

Author — Jonathan Robinson


I just realized that this is a horror story where the Final Girl doesn't make it out alive.

I'm still not sure she wasn't the first victim.

Author — Perigraph


You know what I'd be curious to see is something covering humanity's reaction to the Grimm first appearing, make it horror like as well. Though I can't remember if humanity had returned after or before Salem became well.... Salem

Author — Dice


Moral of the story: bravery is fine, but only when tempered by wisdom and caution.

Author — Nicholas Lehner


I’ve been saying it for a while now, I love it when RWBY goes full horror. More of this kind of thing please!

Author — Shiny Ninja


This is so perfect for Halloween!
The Chill and the Apathy are two of the coolest Grimm ever

Author — Ezekiel Renon


girl: *stands ten feet from the village*
everyone: *dies*
girl: "Oh no! My actions have consequences."
Yes, building your village ten feet from a terrifying monster will do that.

Author — Alexander Jungroth


I was hoping for the Apathy... BUT THIS WAS EVEN BETTER! Our first encounter with the Chill. It's even deadlier than I thought. The perfect first episode on Halloween. Can't wait for more, especially if the Grimm get even more screen time

Author — Fernando Gonzales


This is so much darker and more terrifying than I expected.

Author — Kuchenjaeger


Even though I am not the biggest fan of RWBY anymore, this little short definitely proved intriguing and if the goal was to creep me out, it succeeded. Plus, it gives the audience more bits of lore which is always welcomed.

Little lesson that you can take from this: Being brave without being cautious isn't exactly bravery, but rather stupidity and that just leads to more harm being caused around you and the people you love.

Author — Cole Waggoner


I also hope that they introduce more Grimm into the series after this

Author — Anator3000


"We all have a certain natural inclination. We expect that evil should be easy to recognize rather than excepting it can lurk behind any face. And yet, we are often the slowest to see the darkness within ourselves." - Ozpin

Author — Lin2Waterfall


Will Ozpin be narrating all of these? I love his voice

Author — Wuttatota


Well, this was the first time RWBY gave me a real chill down my spine

Author — Jin Kwon


Huh, this was.... actually cool. It actually made the Grimm scary for the second time in RWBY. The first time was with the Apathy.

Author — Eric Hunsaker


Very cool. Wish they’d included Ozpin’s thoughts from the end of the book version.

Author — cbhenson cbhenson


This is a good story, it has a good lesson about how evil takes many forms and about how our actions can have dark consequences. A perfect lesson for Halloween.

Author — Todd Hunter


Wow The first chapter of RWBY: Fairy Tale is really opening. Scary & interesting tale to start off with. It is its very own Twilight Zone in some way. Even though it's not referencing or related to it. The Grimm Child Tale is truly the starting & very first Chapter to set off the RWBY: Fairy Tale Story Series. As part of the Book of Remnant Series as well... even if others say otherwise. And on Halloween too. Which of course fits the Atmosphere of a Spooky Scary Story of RWBY. Honestly can't wait to see more of this soon. Already seen this on Twitter by the way. Just felt like watching it again since it's Halloween (which has now just passed). Thank you, Rooster Teeth for RWBY: Fairy Tale.

Author — TaShawn Matthews