When he's way fitter than you 💪🏼😬

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When you meet a bodybuilder at the gym and decide to go on a date with him...
People always say that super fit guys are the best.. I am here to offer my side of the story.

Filmed live at Story Party Oslo - November 2019

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Author — Elena Gabrielle


Missionary is not lazy for men.. it's like doing a 10 minute plank for me. That shit is cardio

Author — Andres Fernandez


So feminism and patriarchy lectures are for guys who are not attractive? 🤣

Author — Di iV


Well, as a guy I found that quite educational

Author — Dimon White


I don't know if the audience didn't get this joke, but I laughed
"You wanna come back to my place for protein shake?"
"Definitely euphemism, probably organic, right?"

Author — KhoPhi


It's near impossible to comfortably ride a buff guy. The width of my hips can't compete with years of weekly leg days.

Author — July Ol


My theory is it was all a elaborate scene to get her to do cardio and he wasn’t a idiot

Author — Joseph Shephard


Why is no one talking about how her "dumb" voice automatically transitions to an American accent

Author — Rohinee Phatak


Honestly I could not stop staring at how amazing she’s looks in those jeans🔥👀

Author — Rei Ivory


That protein shake being “organic” flew over the audiences head.

Author — Jason Derby


The stress of being the one to have to choose the sex playlist is so fucking real.

Author — Joan Rivera Molina


Her palms are sweaty
Knees weak arms are heavy
There's vomit on his shaker already
Whey spaghetti

Author — Smol Chef


“Without alcohol, you wouldn’t have a population” that ain’t just Norway sis, it’s the whole of Europe

Author — Coffee Tea


A guy who works out that much is going to be correcting everyone's form. It's not the patriarchy lmao. Guys do it for other guys all the time.

Author — Saber


She knows how to wear a pair of jeans.

Author — A Boo


I bet all the men in the audience are just smiling and all the women laughing

Author — God OfWine&Tits


As a woman it's hard to find a female comedian who tells it like it is AND is funny. She is one who does both. Love her!

Author — PaganPisces


Date someone on your fitness level - honestly best advice out there!

Thanks for making us laugh Elena 💜 you make things better for us 😂

Author — Asma Thahira


Thats Volkswagen joke had me dead omg! Hilarious

Author — Fx Cast


I have to confess that I laughed and learned too.

Author — Adam Brandizzi