When he's way fitter than you 💪🏼😬

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When you meet a bodybuilder at the gym and decide to go on a date with him...
People always say that super fit guys are the best.. I am here to offer my side of the story.

Filmed live at Story Party Oslo - November 2019

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Author — Elena Gabrielle


Missionary is not lazy for men.. it's like doing a 10 minute plank for me. That shit is cardio

Author — Andres Fernandez


So feminism and patriarchy lectures are for guys who are not attractive? 🤣

Author — Di iV


Well, as a guy I found that quite educational

Author — Dimon White


Missionary is for women to be lazy. Not men. We have to support our own weight, not crush you, maintain a good rhythm, not sweat on you, all while maintaining eye contact and kissing.
Doggy style is the man's lazy position. We pump away, no eye contact while making your cheeks glisten with our sweat. That's why it's so popular with us... The view is only a bonus.

Author — bobcharlotte


Her palms are sweaty
Knees weak arms are heavy
There's vomit on his shaker already
Whey spaghetti

Author — Smol Chef


It's near impossible to comfortably ride a buff guy. The width of my hips can't compete with years of weekly leg days.

Author — July Ol


She knows how to wear a pair of jeans.

Author — A Boo


Why is no one talking about how her "dumb" voice automatically transitions to an American accent

Author — Rohinee Phatak


I don't know if the audience didn't get this joke, but I laughed
"You wanna come back to my place for protein shake?"
"Definitely euphemism, probably organic, right?"

Author — KhoPhi


My theory is it was all a elaborate scene to get her to do cardio and he wasn’t a idiot

Author — Joseph Shephard


“Without alcohol, you wouldn’t have a population” that ain’t just Norway sis, it’s the whole of Europe

Author — Coffee Tea


The stress of being the one to have to choose the sex playlist is so fucking real.

Author — Joan Rivera Molina


I bet all the men in the audience are just smiling and all the women laughing

Author — God OfWine&Tits


Date someone on your fitness level - honestly best advice out there!

Thanks for making us laugh Elena 💜 you make things better for us 😂

Author — Asma Thahira


As a woman it's hard to find a female comedian who tells it like it is AND is funny. She is one who does both. Love her!

Author — Black Sheep Billy


That protein shake being “organic” flew over the audiences head.

Author — Jason Derby


"U wanna come back to my place for some protein shakes ?" IM DED 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author — Emma Ray


Thats Volkswagen joke had me dead omg! Hilarious

Author — Fx Cast


I have to confess that I laughed and learned too.

Author — Adam Brandizzi