Gutfeld on Twitter removing their 'like' button

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Gutfeld on Twitter removing their 'like' button 5
Removing the 'like' button from Twitter is like removing seatbelts on the Hindenburg.

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Eliminating the "like" will eliminate the public view of why certain posts are in the forefront of your feed. It's basically allowing for Twitter to not be transparent for why content is being seen. AKA censorship.

Author — Jacob Gann


They don’t want people to be swayed by seeing all the thumbs up to pro America 1st comments

Author — Game Bred Duramax


Twitter will remove the “like” button, but still keep the “flag as too conservative to not be censored” button

Author — LibertyMinded


These are the same people who support not keeping score in kids baseball games! "We are all winners" NOT!!!

Author — The Derpstate Raccoon


Take the plunge, delete the Twaitter app. You won't regret it.

Author — Toni San Clemente


Twitter doesn't want people to notice how much their user traffic has changed.

Author — Raw Underground Music


if you're not banned from twitter, you're not living life properly..

Author — dëUs ëX MãçH¡ñã


Twitter is for twits! Have never signed up for it! No face book for me anymore. I watch you tube for Fox news and Conservative news! Love your show but don't agree with Juan!

Author — Ann Lyon


It's because they have bots who leave Negative Comments non-stop, and flooding out the positivity. The truth is, Trump is Much More Liked Than it seems

Author — BMWg84


Vote early. Vote often. Vote Red! Trump is the greatest president of all time!

Author — Fauxtography101


Sounds like Juan finally got around to reading the comments about him LOL

Author — Paul Frain


Netflix got rid of the 5 star rating replaced it with thumbs up and down. Now they have gotten rid of the down vote. It's ridiculous

Author — Abreille Azariah


that's good ..nobody likes them ANYWAYS

Author — Sluga Bunny


Social media sites like Twitter Facebook are unhealthy to the human condition.

Author — ZER0 13420


*SILENCING* the masses - good job fascists

Author — Głos z Ameryki


Do you notice how most the media removing your ability to say that you like something because they really don't want you to know how many people physically like something that agree with you cuz in this November all I'm seeing is blood red and voting for red they can send their bluewave out to sea with Hillary and we can always tell the bunch riding of Hillary by the way she's your shark bait

Author — joseph Buck


The worst is when they ask you to press LIKE even before you’ve seen the video or post! ❤️😀👍

Author — Tenmil


The “wrong” things have been getting liked. Censorship.

Author — J C


I was shadowbanned from the start and constantly suspended for 24 hours and one week periods for breaking Twitter rules. Then roughly a year ago I was permanently suspended without explanation after I replied to one of Trump's tweets, thousands of followers gone. Twitter is an echo chamber and a waste of time.

Author — Infinity Games


the world's bathroom wall
my analysis has always been it's a vulgar food fight

Author — doug723