Ross Kemp: Return to Afghanistan - Meeting Wounded Soldiers & Winter Tour | Ross Kemp Extreme World

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Ross Kemp: Return to Afghanistan - Meeting Wounded Soldiers & Winter Tour | Ross Kemp Extreme World 5

After returning from his previous visit, Ross meets some of the soldiers in the UK that have been injured by IEDs. He then goes back to Afghanistan to meet with the British Ambassador and to also go on his first winter tour, on the frontline.

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*In a middle of heavy fire*
Soilder: Need help carrying the camera mate?

Author — Tom Peek


this like is for the man behind the camera....

Author — Subhro Das


Ross: *talks about staying on the tracks cause of IED’s*
Also Ross : *Runs off tracks when gun fire starts*

Author — HappyWithSad


Don't know if this comment will ever be seen, but I want to thank Ross Kemp and his brave camera crew for showing the true struggle we all face making the world a safer place for all people.

Author — Geoff Sayre


The camera men earn their pay. I hope it's a good one, because they don't steal it.

About the death of soldier Makin, It always puts me in rage to loose a young man by the fault of those garbages of talibans.
All my sympathy for his family, may be rest in peace, but I'm sure God blessed him. Never forget this young hero.
Condolences from all Frenchies former soldiers, a brother in arms is gone for us too.

Author — Gilles Guillaumin


The fact that the death of a soldier is no longer on the front page on the news is really heart breaking and really makes us wonder and become more and more concerned for our communities and society nowadays.

Author — Gopnik


Lol Ross out of breath and those Royal Marines look at him and smile haha, those guys are tough

Author — flodA reltiH


“ROSS KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN, ROSS STAY ON THE TRACK, ROSS RUN FASTER, ROSS....” Very sobering to see it from your perspective and the young men who sacrifice so much physically and mentally.

Author — Moneyandtime Freedom


Much Respect to those men . Come on British Government the MPs can take a pay cut n give the soldiers a pay that they rightfully deserve.

Author — Shon Khan


I-COM Chatter means Insurgent Communications Chatter in case anyone was wondering

Author — Auclaire


23:26 Ross went from zero to mach one in record time😂

Author — D.B. F


Thank you to all my fallen and KIA BROTHERS you will never be forgotten by us for your sacrifice and heroic service.God Speed.

Author — Robert Sickinger


That ambassador though... Talking about gun control in Afghanistan, typical British politician.

Author — Amnesia Haze


Thanks to Vets, service members and the families for ultimate sacrifices.
And thanks Ross for the stories.

Author — Kc Fitch


10 years later.. hardly any improvement... I love the documentaries though!!

Author — Alexandre Hofmann


Mad respect for Ross and his Cameraman, who else would go into a battlefield with no weapon to take videos. And he visits pirates and gangs aswell. Mad respect bro :D

Author — Jacob Agnew


Perfect, just make sure you blur out the metal detector, its top secret and can detect aliens in other worlds.

Author — AThe End


I’m Australian, born here and never been outside of it also, never served. However the respect I have for these men to ALLOW the Afghans to rebuild under their security is incredible. I truly hope with all my heart that my Afghan brothers and sisters prosper and rebuild that city they way they want it and deserve to have it 🙏🏽

Author — Shaquille Nuku


Can anyone explain to me why Ross has blue shirt and hat covers? "I know it's media", but the enemy don't care and will target that even more with the blue. To them media is bad.

Author — 308bushmaster


Ross, youre the man :)) respect ol´chum

Author — Vitor Loki