Virus shutdown leaves San Francisco streets empty

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Virus shutdown leaves San Francisco streets empty 4.5
The streets of San Francisco were quiet after Bay Area officials ordered more than 7 million residents to stay home to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The shelter-in-place orders are the strictest U.S. measures so far to battle the outbreak. (March 17)

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I laughed when the traffic helicopter narrator said "Look At No Traffic."



We need all over the US in order to come out of this nightmare

Author — fleiva30


It’s The End Of The World As We Know It!

Author — JimmyBobby904


The "Secret" From Italian Officials to the World. "Act Early."

Author — Never Give Up


this would be a great time to drive north to my aunts.

Author — SKPjoe Coursegold


economic collapse, and passing more laws to lock you down

Author — wake newlife


Meh.... hobos are still out there at least of them 30k with nowhere to go. They are except from the order because SF has no place to put them. 30k out there living in the gutter where they can easily catch the Virus and infect others. That's why I think SF will fail to contain the Virus. Shame California lawmakers failed to solve the homeless problem before this happened now it look like it will be there own undoing.

Author — Masterr Laster


Hopefully, needles and faeces will make their way to disappearance. Or no????

Author — Αγησίλαος Ευπατρίδης


Humans needs the coronavirus type every 5 years, to appreciated THE PLANET EARTH.

Author — Onellia Durbin


This is computer generated! Nice work!

Author — Wyatt Sexton


San Francisco is panicking the entire country. Even people in our small town are totally freaking out and no one has the virus. Many of our local grocery shelfs are empty. They are crippling and destroying local businesses and peoples livelihoods. The suicides are next because many small businesses will not be able to recover from this. Businesses and local businessmen are frightened of what is next.

Author — Sosume 1


This is so dystopian. If you haven't figured out that this has nothing to do with a virus, I can't help you.

Author — scovell7


It's a shame that the father and daughter can only visit San Francisco once in their entire lives while everyone else on the planet can wait the virus out before traveling to their fav destinations as often as they like ...I feel so bad for them.

Author — Concrete Lightbulb