AlbatrossOne: Revolutionising Aircraft Wing Design

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 years ago

Inspired by the albatross seabird, Airbus engineers in Filton, UK have developed a remote-controlled aircraft demonstrator that has semi-aeroelastic hinged wing-tips. It is the first aircraft demonstrator to trial in-flight, freely flapping wing-tips that can react and flex to wind gusts, thereby significantly reducing load and drag for a lighter, more fuel-efficient aircraft.

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Don't hate on Boeing, don't hate on Airbus. Appreciate the beauty of both.

Author — Roblox Luke


Boeing: makes a folding wingtip

Airbus: hold my beer

Author — Zak Zaitz


Being an American, in my opinion it would be natural to like Boeing more than Airbus but with the inconsistency and old thinking of Boeing, I would like to appreciate Airbus for its incredible thinking and progressing it’s technology as time progresses. Who knows perhaps Airbus is now my favourite and even yours!

Author — Aryan Dalal


Damn..i can't imagine that in real flight just looking at the tips going up and down freely.

Author — Amir Azry


It would be amazing to see something like that go into production as most civil aviation aircraft designs has remained pretty similar for the couple of decades.

Author — K D


I really enjoy seeing how bionic structures create structural components of tomorrow. Take the millions of years evolution needed to optimise a wing - and translate this into modern engineering. Good job, AIRBUS!
And - I hope that we will see this on a "real airplane's" wing in the near future - and not as a cool innovation stuffed into a drawer and being forgotten.

Author — Alphaprot


That is great until people start to make a bad reaction like "Wing is broken in the middle of a flight *[GONE WRONG]* "

Author — GrantMatt B2


Another great Airbus creation...Even thought its just an RC still Airbus is great!

Author — Kazui


That looks amazing, can’t wait for the more advanced versions of this

Author — Larch


That is just about the most amazing thing I have ever seen in regards to wingtip devices. What a concept to let the airplane naturally do what is best, so simple yet so ingenious! Hats off to the development team that figured this out!

Author — Tyler Jordan


This is incredible. I’m surprised this isn’t an idea that was thought of sooner... seemingly intuitive yet so revolutionary! I’m excited to see where this goes.

Author — Joe J


Brilliant. More power to the Airbus team! Hopefully, they are able to demonstrate the worthiness of new design.

Author — Abdul Rahman Malik


Wow, this is genius how different organizations tackle nonrigid aeroelastic structures! Awesome job!!! Wow!!

Author — Yelectric


This seems like a truly fascinating idea. Never thought they’d go down this path. Would be interesting to see it actually done on a full-sized aircraft. Not so sure though on whether a firm would actually want to take up the idea though.

Author — Daniel Whyatt


☺ 👏 really nice engineering.
It would have never cross my mind in a million years to *use movable parts* for airstability compensation. 👏 ☺

Author — ❂ Shri K Lakhan Σ❆


I was wondering why no aircraft manufacturer had drawn inspiration from an albatross before... Kudos airbus.

Author — arrtistik


This is super cool although it's an RC for now... can't wait to see a mockup version of it

Author — Darwin's Lab


Will be interesting to see how this design, for an airliner, handles high-speed flutter.

Author — turbofan450


It would be interesting to see the full scale test results. I would think that high speed fluttering might be a concern considering the speeds at which these full scale aircraft travel.

Author — Laurie Ellertson


I was wondering when wing design was going to move forward. Great job airbus 👍

Author — Audio Rhino