Four Door Supercars - Top Gear - Series 15 - BBC

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Four Door Supercars - Top Gear - Series 15 - BBC 5
Jeremy, Richard and James May test the Aston Martin Rapide, the Porsche Panamera Turbo and the Maserati Quattroporte as they attempt to find the world's greatest four-seat supercar.

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"Owning this car is like owning a 2 year old child. It's really annoying for a lot of the time, but if someone tried to take it away from you... you'd kill them."

Definitely the best line I've ever heard.

Автор — Veyron722skyhook


I'd just have to have that Maserati. It looks like it'll kill you if you breathe too loud and that god, that noise...

Автор — TraustiGeir


The Panamera looks like someone stepped on a Cayenne.

Автор — Andrew Taylor


I like the interior of the Porsche, exterior of the Rapide, and sound of the Maserati.

Автор — Sean Mangubat


am I the only person that actually quite likes the look of the Panamera?

Автор — FawkesNK


2:10 "Since the park was closed, we decided to turn it into a race track"

Vintage Top Gear

Автор — Omair Sheikh


After recent events, regarding top gear being taken of air, i have resorted to viewing past episodes online. Its a sad time we live in my friends.

Автор — liamwhite3


the panamera istn ugly i think its a beautiful car

Автор — Isc 045


I would love to listen to James talk about random stuff. He needs a radio talk show.

Автор — Small Moustache Man


The Aston looks the best by a mile, the Maserati sounds the best by a mile, and the Porsche is the fastest by a mile.

Автор — Charles Earle


id take the Maserati no question about it

Автор — Cory L


I actually really like the Panamera, it's quite sexy with the black headlights and tinted taillights.

Автор — drewjw1125


Clarkson:"I just had a crisis!"


Автор — MATS Channel


I would take the Maserati in a heart beat, keep it for the rest of my life and, when I die, use it as my coffin. :)

Автор — Ian M


Maserati got the sound right, Aton Martin got the looks right, and Porche got the speed right.

Автор — Exjoria


When I first saw the Panamera in pictures when it came out, I disliked it a lot. I giggled at my cousin for wanting to buy one. Now 4 years down the line, and I have bought one for myself.. and I absolutely love it. And I absolutely love the way it looks. It isn't the greatest looking car, but I think it looks great.

After a saw it a few times in person throughout the years, it grew on me, and I started to respect it more and more, until I actually owned one. Oh, and believe me, it makes a great noise! 

Any color but brown or white though! 

Автор — SomeGangBanga


that porsche shoulda been censored.... i think it burned my retinas...

Автор — Muggy Turtle


The Panamera is stunning <3 I love it!

Автор — A deer in headlights


My cousin has the Quattroporte I've been told that it rattles the house when it starts up. I'm so jealous. Now his father has it. I've yet to see that beauty.

Автор — Alex Paumen


ill take the maserati please. and R.I.P to the real top gear!

Автор — Mercedes Lexus Toyota