Free cracked macros rust [ Any mouse ] | WORK

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  • ℹ️ Published 1 years ago

Macro status - NO NORMAL WORK

Ask questions in the comments.

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I have the non cracked version, but for some reason the script barely works. I think my mouse sens messes it up, how do I fix it.

Author — MeemerDeemer


The screen resolution is 1690x1080. Does it matter? And how many mouse senses do you use?

Author — 박태명


the macro is enabled and the program is trying to work but it does not and it moves left to right

Author — Bob Bob


I cant express this enough, I spent hours looking for a script thats not a virus, and I get it, its hard to do it, with the thought that it could have a virus, luckily this didnt

Author — Johnny Sorial


bro its not working for me, when i load it up it just stays frozen like the loading bar doesnt move at all please fix

Author — Vends


bro thanks so much this really works i was thinking it was fake but ir really works thank you so much

Author — Repatic Dayz


when I put the AK it moves like a snake and I can't control it, what kind of movement do I have to do with the mouse? even with the macro on, the other weapons work fine

Author — Silvia Barcenas


very good video nasa i have a question i did the same as you did but it doesn't work right

Author — Ready2Die


not working more, the ak and mp5 got broken for move for right and left side

Author — Cauan


it opens and only works on m249 idk how to get it working when i followed all steps

Author — Kiicks


How do i fix when i launch the macro and it just says cant connect to server and i restarted the program many times

Author — Matas Nasyrovas


is this for real rust or for cracked rust will you get banned if u use it for real rust<?

Author — HowLee Fukk


Its spraying randomly for no reason can anyone suggest anything

Author — Phaze


The AK recoil is not working please fix it

Author — KaweluX


Wait link,
the macro temporarily does not work

Author — Wittor


Please help the program just stopped working for no reason like I can launch it it's just that it doesn't work

Author — InsaneClutch


it says i need a new app for the fire wal???

Author — Blink plays


can i dm u on discord bc theres still recoil

Author — Agedy


The AK recoil is not working please fix it :)

Author — D R I P