Flying fish: Icon of Barbados under threat

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Flying fish: Icon of Barbados under threat 4.5

Flying fish, the undisputed icon of Barbados, features as the main ingredient in the national dish, is printed inside its passport and stamped on the one-dollar coin. But in recent years the number of flying fish has declined, driving up prices to the point that the island’s staple food is now becoming a luxury. The Down to Earth team went to find out more.

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i want to know how can i track the sargasoo weed like was show on the screen . it is any program available for that or a website !!

Author — juan rene sosa


The Barbados government needs to stop destroying the island’s precious marine ecosystem with all the development!

Author — Sociology Deviance


well, just keep young americans out . then you'll have a lot less sarCasm in barbados

Author — emo


no excrement for the fish to eat as a result of the south coast sewage treatment plant.
ASK TOBAGO they have lots of Flying Fish.

Author — M L I


The more Barbados allows ugly hotels and apartments to spring up around the coastlines which is still going on, the more the fish will move away from the coast line. Look at the water it does not look blue, looks brown, why would the fish be in that filth, they will get sick, of course they will move. I went to Payne Bay beach, and I always got sick (got a sensitive stomach) in that water, then learned sewer from the hotels goes out to the beach...HENCE. Fly fish might be a national dish, but these lot are too heavily reliant on tourism, and tourism by any means necessary. Coastlines being blocked off, sewer contaminating the waters and fish migrating elsewhere.

Author — David Johnson