Nicki Minaj - High School (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne

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Nicki Minaj - High School (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne 4.5

Music video by Nicki Minaj performing High School (Explicit) ft. Lil Wayne. ©: Cash Money Records, Inc.

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I like cardi but she could be over this. ICONIC.

Author — Oliver Santos


Anyone listening to Nicki's old songs like a marathon?

Author — the D goat


He sill loyal to her till this day 😌2019

Author — Jeriah Kennedy


No matter how much times I watched this... I’m now noticing that Mexican guy is in On my block

Author — Dayana’s Life


Wayne and Nicki were both in their bag

Author — Sammie Juwon


I just noticed Julio from on my block was in here😂😂

Author — kmarae


Love you Queen... 💝😍😚

14th May, 2019??? 🙈🙈

Author — Nikhil Kashyap


Nicki's flow in her first verse is the reason why she's on a level of her own ❤

Author — Jean-Francois Moss


Wayne is Still loyal to Nicki till this day !

Author — Nelle B


0:38- 1:22 NICKI, just that verse owns Cardi B.

Author — Enrique Parra


This is like the best instrumental, it's so mellow

Author — Zay Pettiford


Anyone like cardi then never
Come in Nicki page n stop making quarrel
She is always better do uh get that💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

Author — JANaki BaSNet


'Pu**y like oven, too hot to put my tongue in'! LOL! Loved that part!

Author — Jagori Mukherjee


I love Cardi B but i luv Niki and this song 2
[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
He said he came from Jamaica, he owned a couple acres
A couple fake visas 'cause he never got his papers
Gave up on love, fucking with them heart breakers
But he was gettin' money with the movers and the shakers
He was mixed with a couple things, ball like a couple rings
Bricks in the condo and grams to Sing Sing
Left arm, baby mother tatted
Five year bid up north when they ratted
Anyway, I felt him, helped him, put him on lock, seat belt him
Took him out to Belgium, welcome
Bitches this pretty, that's seldom
This box better than the box he was held in
I'm Momma Dee in that order, I call him Daddy like daughters
He like it when I get drunk, but I like it when he be sober
That's top of the toppa, I never fuck with beginners
I let him play with my pussy then lick it off of his fingers
I'm in the zone

[Chorus: Nicki Minaj]
They holler at me, but it's you
You, this ain't high school
Me and my crew, we can slide through
Give it to you whenever you want
Put it wherever you want
Baby, it's yours
Anywhere, everywhere
Baby, it's your world, ain't it?
Baby, it's your world, ain't it?
Uh, she got a nigga at home and one on the side
Best friend is a dyke, they fucked around a few times
Her and her momma alike, so all they do is fight
I tell her “make me some money”, she tell me “make me a wife”
I tell that bitch “you crazy, fuck wrong with you?”
And excuse my French, but I’m a long kisser
And then she try to tell me I’m the only one that’s hitting
And I say “what about them niggas?” She say: “what about them niggas?”
You right, what you doing tonight?
Put on something tight, don’t judge me, I’d get life
She love me like a brother, but fuck me like a husband
Pussy like a oven, too hot to put my tongue in
All I had to do is rub it, the genie out the bottle
Pussy so wet, I’mma need goggles
She tell me that’s it’s mine, I tell her “stop lying, mine and who else?”
She say worry about yourself Lil Tune
They holler at me, but it’s you, you, this ain’t high school
Me and my crew, we can slide through
Give it to you whenever you want, whip it whenever you want
Baby it’s yours
Anywhere, everywhere, baby it’s your world, ain’t it?
Baby it’s your world, ain’t it?
I know you want it boy, I see you tryin’
Just keep on pushing, I’mma let you slide in
Just close your eyes and, this horizon
It’s ready, come get you some
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Author — Blanc Porsche


People really be sayin Cardi badder than Nicki😂😂😂😂 lmfao Nicki “The Queen” Minaj!

Author — ShiftyStudioz


Nikki's hella hot in this. I'm not even gay😜🤔🤔🤔

Author — Shannon Miller


Wow ... Do You Feel That Sh*t? When You Create The Energy Of The Life That YOU Want ... This Happens

Author — Tommy 617


Nicki Can Re-Release This And Literally *DEMOLISH* Cardi's Whole *"Career"*
Edit: I Spelled Career Wrong
Edit2: Almost At 100 Likes 😇😊
Edit3: Woahhh Almost At 400 Likess Keep Up Da Likes😋😋😋

Author — Choppa Sada


Who still looking at this video in 2018 give me a like

Author — Matthew Trim


He said he came from Jamaica he own a couple aces. Favorite part

Author — Evelyn Otoo