Windtalkers |2002| All Battle Scenes [Edited] (WWII June 15, 1944)

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Windtalkers |2002| All Battle Scenes [Edited] (WWII June 15, 1944) 4.5

Windtalkers (2002)

Distributed by Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Historical outro music | TheFatRat – Monody (Instrumental)

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“Here we are again. Another piece of rock in a vast ocean most folks back home couldn’t find if they tried. The temp is sweltering and the smell makes our latrine seem like a rose garden. Every day is the same: We lose a few men, they lose more. Whenever we do take prisoners, we have to be extra careful they don’t try to kill themselves and take some of our guys with them. To the average Japanese soldier, death is preferable to surrender. I respectfully disagree.”

- Pvt. John Rando

Author — BenHopkins1000


My grandfather was a heiho, a part of japanese soldier in indonesia south east asia that work on hospital in surabaya city on 1943

Author — Heryu Nuryana


Looked like Nicholas Cage got a custom 120-round magazine for his Thompson, and a 90-round magazine for the BAR dude lol!

Author — Street Gato


1:41 Man, I forgot about this scene in Jurassic Park

Author — Jonah Marean


Producer: hey John Woo, we want you to do a war movie in the pacific, try not to make it an explosive high paced action flick

John woo:

Author — Kabutoes


I am more in entertained by the comments of the wannabes than the movie itself😂

Author — Zepar The 16th spirit of Ars Goetia


Looks like low budget reenactment clips for Documentaries.

Author — Law


who said Michael Bay is a king of explosions? John Woo is a god of explosions!

Author — Bean Mr


The laughable ridiculous flaming explosions in this movie are the reason gas prices are so high. They burned up half the world's supply just for a grenade.

Author — MDR


over the top and heroic type. I prefer Saving Private Ryan gritty realism kind with a story.

Author — nikrusty


500k rounds magazine with US guns in all WW2 or Vietnam war movies.

Author — admiralkirov648


4:26 when you're trying to untangle your earphones.

Author — Lockie


9:46 Why did they use the sound of a cow?? I'm dying ! HAhahaha!

Author — Zelascelar


Of course Nicolas Cage never gets hit while all his buddies next to him look like swiss cheese

Author — nqi87


This makes a tour in Afghanistan look like a frat party

Author — Jonathan Sakks


This movie should be charged with treason and hung for how big of a letdown disappointment it was.
Just awful.

Author — Zachary Avila


4:40 shoots a shoulder fire, fires a jdam....

Author — Ary M


Nick Cage wiped out a whole Japanese battalion throughout the movie.

Author — Jonathan Allard


I heard Japanese army did banzai and that’s all
Which is true this movie or What I hear

Author — 潮鳥


4:40 that bazooka was loaded with a mini nuke lol

Author — Lukas I.V