Idle Army Base mod apk (Unlimited Money)

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Download Idle Army Base V1.8.0 mod apk

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Download Idle Army Base V1.8.0 mod apk
Idle Army Base v1.8.0 game overview
Create the largest military base the world has ever seen! You enter the army training camp as a special on your first day, and there is no time to stand idle because you are progressing in your steps and a series of training challenges for graduation and preparation for work in the army all over the world!

Earn cash as you progress in Army training at your base and then manage your camp expansion, where you upgrade value, speed, and rows across all training areas. It will be a roller coaster ride, but with no room for slow or trained students, you will love to grow and develop your army base.

Download Idle Army Base V1.8.0 mod apk
Here are some challenges that you need to complete before graduation:

Workout Square - Get fit while on the go to your workout to get your heart rate up by cornering, star jumps, and more.

URBAN WARFARE - Be alert as you go through SWAT training from home to home combat training.

JUNGLE WARFARE - Be prepared for a jungle adventure as you exit the helicopter and idle before you enter the rope into the jungle.

ARCTIC WARFARE - End your warmth as you control your heartbeat, protect from snowfall and aim directly at the Arctic tundra.

HEAVY MACHINE GUN - hear the tap, tap, tap heavy machine gun fire during training.

Heavy Artillery - Boom, Boom, Boom - It's time to unleash big weapons.

Chemical warfare - put on your mask, inhale carefully and watch your step and make sure you know your way to foggy gas.
Tanks - These are intended for adult boys (and girls) as you drive your tanks to unleash large rifles to do the most damage. Great fallout!

DESERT WARFARE - It's hot, hot, hot, and heavy sand. So you will need to drive over the planks. You're not racing here, but speed is fun!

Download Idle Army Base V1.8.0 mod apk

NAVAL WARFARE - You may need to be a giant to buy a boat, but you have to trust the high seas, so be prepared to get wet!

Explosive training - pull the pin and throw for your life while grenades and big explosions fly!

Paratrooper - you will need to develop from the apprentice as you drop from your plane and land in the target area. Tycoons should not apply!

Obstacle Course - A real adventure for you of stagnant capital there - You've got the cargo net, monkey bars, muddy lake and rope climbing - real proof of your fitness.

It is the best army deceleration game you'll find and we hope you enjoy adventure, movement, sense of progress and fun.
Download Idle Army Base V1.8.0 mod apk
Session Manager v2:
Endless stars.
Increase money during purchases.

Game size - 67,19 MB

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