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Ready To Create an Amazing Wordpress Website With The Divi Theme? Lets Begin!

The divi theme is a great drag and drop builder for Wordpress that i have personally used over the years. In fact, when i first started Wordpress, i used the divi theme for a majority of my problems. In this divi theme tutorial, i will cover alot about the builder, the features, and even the advanced features that come with the divi theme. If you want to learn how to make a wordpress website with the divi theme or even a web design career, then divi is a great Wordpress theme to start out with.

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Timestamps For The Divi Theme Wordpress Tutorial

00:00 Intro
03:00 Website Intro
13:45 Get Hosting
17:55 Install Wordpress
20:55 General Settings
27:36 Download Divi Theme
32:30 Start Designing Home Page
47:17 Web Design Tip #1
50:15 Home Page Creation
01:29:03 Web Design Tip #2
01:31:15 Import Complete Website
01:36:21 Web Design Tip #3
01:42:03 Theme Customizer + Divi Options
01:49:40 Mobile Optimization
01:58:16 Web Design Tip #4
02:03:16 Divi Theme Builder
02:24:20 Divi Advanced Options
02:37:58 Creative Divi Designs
02:39:49 Web Design Tip #5
02:42:55 Divi Marketplace
02:44:12 Divi Extensions
02:48:21 Divi Layouts
02:50:29 Divi Child Themes
02:54:03 Finished! Grab A Drink!

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This is a complete tutorial on how to make a wordpress website with divi theme

💬 Comments

Excellent tutorial. Good pacing. Plenty of time for me say, “Oh, my god!” and “That’s amazing!” Actually, your tutorial convinced me to buy Divi in the first place. I’ve spent a long time writing tutorials for our own applications and others, so I’m very sensitive about presentation. This is one of the best tutorials I’ve ever seen. Congratulations and thank you.

Author — Robin Wolfson


Darrel, you've packed more value in this video than about 95% of the people trying to teach us about DIVI. I'm walking away from this mini-course with such confidence. Please keep the value coming. Can you throw your best vaulted or archived videos together for some sort of Christmas deal? Also, do you mind if we share our finished websites on this page?

Author — Nina Oglesby


Thanks Darrell for the time you put in getting us this tutorial! A lot to learn and to put in practice! Very intuitive, very understanding. I'll try to redesign my site with the tips you gave us and let you know how it went!! A very cold Modelo for you!!! Best regards!!

Author — Joaquin Garcia


Nice job! I especially love your overview of the builder – took some of the mystery out of it for me. Also, I really appreciate the fact you've taken the time to compile so much info on your website as a resource to us. As usual, I always learn a bunch, including your favorite beer, Modello. :-) Cheers!

Author — Free California


This is amazing! I was about to spend a few bucks to learn this but luckily came across this video. So glad that I started watching it. And the templates are so handy for beginners like me. Thanks Darrel :)

P.S - Do you have specific videos or content for travel bloggers. Would appreciate it if you could share a link to those videos. Thanks again and keep up with the great work!

Author — Richa Agicha


I liked the tutorial. I already saw the 2020 one and for a revision I saw this one which is faster, but good if you saw the earlier one and if you are a beginner who has made a site already but wants to perfect the technique. There are also additional updates and i really like Darrel's communication style!

Author — Jan Corinne Stackhouse


Thanks Darrell, for all your videos! I've watched all your tutorials from 2019 to the latest. Very knowledgeable, helpful and entertaining, hopefully when I'm up and running you'll check my site out 😂 We all love your videos, but it's the person we admire the most! Keep safe, keep healthy, much love from the UK.

Author — Chris Gibbons


I'll always give you likes because you have the ability to summarize something so complex in a short time. I use it as a quick reference back and forth. But to be honest, it's not easy as it looks like. Since I watched your Divi video the first time a year ago, I've bought tons of courses, plugins and other tools because I really fell in love for Divi. But in the end, it's worth it.

Author — Marcos Candido


Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. Your videos have helped me learn a lot on my journey as a design freelancer. I will definitely be replacing my Elementor subscription with the "Lifetime" purchase of Divi. There is just WAY more functionality and versatility. Not only from a design standpoint, but from a usability standpoint as well. I'm well versed in Illustrator and Photoshop so I can appreciate a lot of these features that with Elementor, I would have to design by hand on the graphic, and then upload.

Question for you. Would you recommend getting Divi Supreme along with this right off the bat for the extra capabilities (scheduled promotion, header/footer customization etc.)?

Author — Kobra Trading


Hi Darrel, great video! Certainly, it has helped me greatly. May I know how did you create your own website? What themes/builder did you use?

Author — Tumult


This is a GREAT video!! Thanks for such amazing relevant details. Thanks for all the time you put into making this

Author — Priestess Divine


@DarrelWilson, Mandarin is one of the spoken dialects of Chinese. The language dropdown choice in WP refers more to the written language. While there are a number of spoken dialects of Chinese, there's supposed to be only one written form, which is simply called, Chinese. In other words, there isn't officially a different Mandarin writing system, Cantonese writing system, etc., there's just Chinese for writing. All speakers of the various Chinese dialects are supposed to be able to read/write the same characters in the same order, Chinese.

Author — Terry Martin


Thanks so much for this. I have been working on a website for over a month. I've had to start over so many times. With this training, I think I may be able to finally launch my site. I've just started and going through all the steps. Thanks!

Author — Connie’s Crafty Designs


Great job Darrel, right on point as usual. Listen to this guy people, he knows his stuff and wont lead you astray. Always useful and knowledgeable guidance and tips. Subscribe bookmark or whatever, with Darrel in your corner you have a great resource that you will return to time and again.

Author — Ray JH


Hey Darrel, what an amazing tutorial. Thankyou very much!!!
Can you please make a video on what all things to take care after designing a website.
For example SEO techniques, security, search console updates, etc . Anything that will help in building the website.
Thanks a lot.
Kshitij Seth
(From India)

Author — Kshitij Seth


Awesome tutorial as always. I love the format of your tutorial videos ;) might take cue from that. Did you compare Namehero with Siteground, Flywheel and Digital Ocean? 15$ at DO has 2GB 2vCPUs 3TB 60GB SSD. But I guess their control panel isn't that friendly for beginners haha.

Author — John Tanedo


Thank you Darrel! This video seems more uptodate, better structured, then your payed version on Udemy? 🎉
Anyway I am greatful for your kindness to produce it and share it with us.

A Question: The Hosting company will give us 70% - this sound great!
What’s real strange, is a anually prise about 191$ after the first year - right before log out.
This means they are starting with 3$ and then it goes up to 15, 91 $ every month the next years? This is 3 times the prise, I pay now. Is this correct? Or did I misunderstand their plan? Cheers! 😉👍

Author — Congruent-thoughts


Hi Darrel, Awesome tutorial thank you! Just a quick question, would you recommend the same hosting company for someone like myself who lives in the UK or would you recommend a more local alternative? Many Thanks and keep up the good work :) James

Author — James Ace


I need to comment again.... This tutorial is PURE GOLD!!! I cannot thank you enough for it. I’m a total newbie and without this tut I’d probably have had a nervous breakdown. 😂 So again THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! 🙏 Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪

Author — Stadtaffe Landei


Darrrel Wilson - I deem you “THE WORDPRESS WIZARD”. I have never learned so much from a video in such a short time.
I started building websites many years ago and it’s amazing how much progress has been made.
I love Modelo also but I can’t buy Modelo beer in France.

Author — R.J. Barrymore