NieR Automata Resolution Fix (How to Install FAR)

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It’s been 6 months and there is no sign from the developer showing even an interest in fixing very well known bugs in the PC release of NieR Automata. As a streamer I was having major resolution and windowless border issues that were making it difficult to put on a good show for my audience, so I found a solution. The solution is a free community made application called FAR (Fix Automata Resolution). If you are having issues with resolution in NieR Automata, you are in major luck.

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Author — PapaStanimus


Still useful almost 2 years after. Thanks bud! 10/10

Author — Josh Gubler


Much Easier than I thought. I never usually have mods in my games so It always a little spooky in case I like break the game or something lmao

Author — ParryMeGundyr


Thanks man this video really helped. It's a shame the devs have yet to patch this game.

Author — D Mi


Thank you man! Your video helped me to configure it without getting the damned black screen of death lol

Author — Catalina Videla López


Thanks. I am an idiot for installing mods or knowing how to use them after reading the tutorials they supply. This helped me to enjoy my replays of Nier.

Author — Senor Corbuiser


Worked like a charm! Trying the game for the first time today, so i'm glad i found your video so quickly. Much appreciated!

Author — CripyChriz


thanks dude i was so hyped for this game, got it, started playing it and noticed something was off. I found out about the problem and was about to break in tears but thanks to this video now i can enjoy the game. Thank you again very much

Author — xDanilor


now i can play nier in peace without thinking about my shit life

Author — rato


January 2021 my dude. Thanks for the help. This game is just amazing.

Author — Luis Mesta


Great!!! Fixed, now I can play in full hd 1920 x 1080, Thanks, you have gained a subscriber

Author — Agustin Juarez


This video is amazing, thank you so much man!

Author — Ducky


summer 2020, still useful, ran this game on steam link, noticed it was kind of blurry, played it some more on my 1440p monitor, definitely seemed like something odd was going on. Looked up resolution issues and found FAR, just installed it, issues fixed! I'm guessing cut-senes still run at 30fps but at least now resolution is fixed!

Author — victorescu


Thank you so much for this guide, it works still in 2020. Without this video I wouldn't have figured this out. Thanks!

Author — Mango


Thanks so much for this good tutorial It really helped!

Author — Timothé Leroy


Still works, brings it up to par with the PS4 version. Thank you.

Author — Paul Macleod


Thanks man, whole game works flawlessly but the cutscenes are a literal slideshow

Author — Austin Winters


This worked 4 years later for me. Thanks for the help!

Author — Michael Swearingen


I just started using this mod and issue that I've been having even before installing it is that my frames would drop to 17 when my monitor can support up to 75 and I have no idea how to fix that.

Author — WalterTBadger


Still working today! Thanks, now I can finally stream the game!

Author — BloodMoonFT