#RiggingInMaya | Part 14 | Intermediate | Face Rig - Blend Shapes

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  • ℹ️ Published 3 years ago

Welcome to video fourteen in my #rigging in #Maya series.

In the previous video we looked at building a joint based facial rig, complete with all the controls needed to animate it.

What we are going to do now is take a step back and rebuild the face rig but instead of using joints we will be using #blendshapes.

Rather than just focus on the shape editor I also want to investigate some other options which could help speed up your shape creation.

In addition to this, I also want to share a technique I regularly use to help divide an area, like the lips, into sections but this is also future proof if the base shape changes. So, in effect you will be building a blendshape generator.
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💬 Comments

I didn't find the assets for free in the description. Is it still possible to download? Thanks for the video, amazing as always!

Author — Matheus Queiroz


Finally finished this video. Much appreciated, and looking forward to the next one. Cheers!

Author — 3D_Syntax


Ok so when you done with the blend shapes of the head, how then do you reattach it to the rest of the body? My guess is to use a wrap deformer but I'm not sure...

Author — Mattia Furlan


The problem with this way of splitting blend shapes at 21:41 is that the paint blend shapes weights isn’t normalised. Going into the component editor sucks so an alternative is to 1. Paint the weights of the centre shape. 2. Then create a blend shape with your full shape and centre shape onto a separate clean mesh. 3. Then set the full shapes weight to 1 and your centre shape to -1 and you’ll have the lips outer shape which is much easier to split into left and right. This approach also works for areas like the eyebrows

Author — Danimations yay


Thanks for watching and remember, if you find these videos useful why not hit that THANKS 🙏 button above.

Author — antCGi


Is there a point in your videos where you cover blendshapes that change the position of the joints and how to handle that? I'm talking about something where the blendshape changes the position of the eye or the nose and you have to adjust the rig or else the deformations won't work properly? Is that covered somewhere in the series?

Author — Will W.


I em a few years back when shape editor ca, e out, I thought this was going to overtake the old I’m bone based rigging, and now it seems like it has

Author — Gene Zhao


Your tutorial really helped me, thank you so much!

Author — ranito


How do you go about separating the head with that of the body mesh when working on the Blend Shapes? Thanks.

Author — Dylan Mowat


This is great! Exactly what I am looking for. I am trying to create blendshapes for an Unreal Engine fbx rig I have. Will i be able to export these blendshapes on the rig I have imported into Maya and they will exist on the rig in Unreal Engine?

Author — Feeding_Wolves


It's very useful to me bro thanks for it. love from India❤️❤️

Author — MASK MAN


If you're using blend shape to control the face, why did you have to do skin weight in the previous video?

Author — anan baby


now everyone can learn rigging very easy and free. thanks

Author — Mutalib Gozalov


How can I close eye in my animation pls tell me tutorial no.

Author — Saurabh Chaurasia


How can we separate the head without paint new skin weight to the model?

Author — Jurin2001