Noam Chomsky - Problems of Knowledge & Freedom (Ideas at the House)

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Noam Chomsky - Problems of Knowledge & Freedom (Ideas at the House) 5
"Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it."

Chaired by Mary Kostakidis, this special event features Professor Chomsky answering written audience questions on any 'Problems of Knowledge and Freedom' including linguistics, global politics, human rights, responses to climate change, the nature of democracy and any other issues the audience raise.

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Chomsky wearing velcro shoes like a BOSS!

Author — Dent


Thanks for posting this. No matter how much I listen to Chomsky I always learn something new. My favorite quote from this talk, I think this sums up one of Chomsky's main ideas about language: "Aristotle said language was sound with meaning... language is in reality meaning with sound or other externalizations such as sign"

Author — Nicholas Dedless


I love this, they actually let Chomsky talk for once. Keep up the good work people

Author — B Menasco


He always comes to the floor with new ideas.

Author — Martine Naylor


"Language is not sound with meaning, it's meaning with sound" Shit. What am I? What's gong on here?

Author — anythgofnthg


32:25 I can't find the book by Joel Bacon he mentions. Does anyone know it?

Author — Oscar Davies


25:50 Noam called it. Foxconn just opened this week.

Author — Tertiary Adjunct


Welcome to Australia Noam...(all kneel) do you have any new thoughts on 9/11?

Author — jaye see


1:00:30 "It takes a tremendous act of will not to talk to yourself" Noam Chomsky
Yep, that would be meditating and I can't succeed it. At some point, I always find myself itchy, feel like scratching a part of my body and fail miserably.

Author — Alphonse Duponey


Love this commie Un-american guy

Edit: Un-american = sarcasm

Author — Aaron Swartz



You denigration of Chomsky says more about your own shallowness than anything else. At 85 years old you might have brown teeth or maybe none at all!

Whatever you say about Noam one thing is certain - unlike you, he's not an arsehole!

Author — GeoDen


I was actually expecting the question from the woman in the floor as they promised the chance.

Author — James Wang


Australia thinks Science is Sexy! Awesome!

Author — Vaso Vukotić


We had no problem with these matters for hundreds of years beforehand, when the West set up puppet rulers in these nations. Now, however, it's gotten out of control. Why not conquer them again, and do what we always have done?

Author — Charles Warren


God's banker... by Posner. truth is in the greed.

Author — Celdatadroid Droidy


Look at the chairs and the clothes she is wearing and you can see the background, taken for granted, luxury and privilege people working in academia have. Will they rock the boat.. Doubt it. Chomsky goes about his work very modestly indeed.

Author — Simeon Banner


I don't know why I can't listen to him.

As mark twain supposedly said about the book of Mormon (but in respect to its writing).

...chloroform in print, ladies and gentleman..

Chloroform in print.

Author — Bad Picture Man


Chomsky deserves his own thugs. He will instruct them to turn the other cheek. Oh baby! Also, the peasants need to understand that life is all about me. It’s temporary for me, but their rewards for pleasing me will win the commendation of God Himself, in the flesh, the only man who ever never shitted.

Now, let’s pretend I’m a Muslim loving in the Near East. I have the opportunity to ditch my herd and convert to being Jewish. What do I do? I let the dead bury their dead; nods. I sell everything and follow Christ!

Author — QQminusS


I learn more by watching these interviews and looking stuff on wikipedia than i do in half my university courses. Supposedly mine is one of the top in the world.

Fuck that. <3 Chomsky <3



1:00:23 Imagine being the mind of Chomsky. He can talk a lot. I have a hard time tuning myself out and I don't have much going on. Also, am I wrong to cringe at the interviewer a few times?

Author — bfrfoxtrot