Trump comments on US-China tensions, upcoming Ohio rally

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Trump comments on US-China tensions, upcoming Ohio rally 5

President Trump addresses trade with China while speaking to reporters at the White House. #FoxNews

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Everybody likes what Trump is doing...they just can't admit it....sad people.

Author — Michael Asay


History will show that President Trump was the greatest President the United States ever had.

Author — KMAC Radio


THANK GOD Trump is President !....he looks Healthy, Happy and Fit !

Author — Mário Gama


We do love our President Trump.
Bravest POTUS ever 💖💖💖

Author — Bridgette


Never in my 40+ yrs lifetime have I heard a president so sharp with questions. These are nasty questions designed to drag you. For his age alone, extremely impressive.

Author — Stanley Hudson


these journalists are such snakes - those whiney shrill voices give me a headache, idk how he deals with them every day

Author — magicskyfairy69


FINAL WORDS “You want to report on it just slapped MSM (Enemy of the People) right between the eyes and walked away with a

Author — Richard Brown


That dude has found his groove. He looks like he is having fun.

Author — Mike Cunning


How can I be more proud of my president🤔....nope I can’t. God keep him his family safe from harm.

Author — HD MGTOW


Still thou... I trust President Trump 100 percent. 2020.

Author — Mike Miyake


this President is like a machine. integrity, energy, like no other. he is a superb man

Author — Dave Chapman


I seriously cannot wait for the collective meltdown of the Left when Trump wins in 2020. The Democratic party is nothing but a laughingstock to everyone at this point.

Author — Straight White Male


WOW! We have to apply for the opportunity to get a seat??? 122, 000 people want in??? Hillary couldn’t draw 200!!! Hahah hahaha 🤪😆🤣

Author — X X


I never seen a president spend as much time as Trump taking questions. He has nothing to hide, and he has no filter to hide BS.

Author — T P


He engages those idiots and handles them! WHAT A MAN!

Author — Salvatore Scavuuzo


Mexico is doing more better than democrats on border's,

Author — Kathylee Choi


President Trump won't let the country get ripped off by China anymore, those days are over!

Author — Hairy John


Gotta give him this: His interactions with the Presstitutes is flawless and impressive.

Author — I, Voyager1776


Getting business done . And destroying fake . Foney media and Democrats

Author — Corey Oldknow


Keep saying "Send Her Back", that's what I tell my wife when her mother comes over!😌

Author — Dan McFarland