Canon R6 Review for Bird Photography - Image Quality, High ISO Performance and Autofocus Tested!

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Do you need an R5? or can the R6 capture high quality bird photographs? I share lots of photos and my thoughts after field testing the R6. I look at the IQ and ISO performance compared to the 5D Mark IV and demonstrate the amazing animal eye AF.

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions for the upcoming videos. Cheers, Duade
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0:00 - Intro
0:31 - Video Contents
1:00 - Image Quality
3:11 - R6 Sensor Big Enough?
4:30 - Do More MP = Higher IQ?
5.57 - High ISO
9:23 - Dynamic Range
10:47 - Autofocus
14:30 - Focusing at f11
16:01 - BIF
17:01 - Eye AF Busy Setting
17:45 - Autofocus Issues
18:58 - Dainty Swallowtail
21:58 - Conclusion
22:51 - Outtakes

💬 Comments

This is the best review of Canon R6 series for bird and wildlife photography. Hope to see you reviewing the R5 or the RF 100-500 in future.

Author — Kiah Ng Photography


Thank you, Duade. Best R6 review I've seen. I have a Canon R5 and am looking at the R6 as a back up. Found the same focusing issue on the R5 but solved it by using the third focusing button (just to the right of the * button) as a "spot focus" button. Works in almost any situation. BTW, Canon should sponsor you. Very professional.

Author — Craig Shelley


Thank you so much for all the effort putting this video together, it's exactly what I needed. Top quality content as per usual and much appreciated. Cheers from Scotland!

Author — Rovle Culina


Thank you Duade. This is my first time on your Channel and I enjoyed your explanations and examples to illustrate the points you were making. And, I liked your straightforward approach, and honest appraisal of both the good and the bad aspects, which is refreshing to see. I do a fair bit of butterfly photography as well as some bird stuff, so the potential flaw of the AF on the R6 (and R5) for that genre of photography is worth knowing about. If I go with the Canon Mirrorless I will probably finish up keeping my 5D IV as my second body.

Author — Dave T


Outtakes? I thought you did it perfectly the first time - every time.

Author — Joe Fratianni


I traded my 1DX2 and 5dsr in on a R5 and 6 and so happy with the change. I still think the 1DX2 high ISO was better than the new R's but they are both so much better than the 5dsr was. The animal eye af is great, not perfect but much better than any dslr I used. I also had the problem with not being able to focus with my 600 F4 from going to near to far or the other way, it is annoying but a quick turn on the focus ring gets you there. Not sure I could ever give up this auto focus and go back to a dslr.

Author — Kilo Hotel


Thanks a lot for the detailed video daude. As always extremely informative and to the point. It was worth the wait for your video and looking forward for the next one.
I think I wouldn’t go wrong with either R6 or the 5D mkiv. I would rather prefer the megapixels here as a personal choice just for being able to crop in tight
Cheers 😊

Author — Riyaz Ahmed


There AF options have settings for lock on stickiness, and also whether to hunt when focus not acquired. Adjust them might help the focus problem.

Author — CitronBaBa Wong


The difference between the raw image and the final result of your photos is sometimes unbelievable. Post-processing being one of the most important parameter in bird photography, could you make a video showing the basic edits you make in post-processing

Author — Jay Dalal


Great review. I have the R6 paired with the Tamron 150-600 G2 and I'm having the same issues with focusing. It's very frustrating.

Author — Kim W


It was a great review, thanks for sharing, it is wonderful to see somebody with your experience doing all these comparisons well done Duade.

Author — Ramin Izadpanah


Hi, thank you very much for this really clear and precise review of the r6 :), i was wondering what picture profile are you using ? or which one would you recommend ?
thank you again :) great content :)

Author — Nicolas Morisson


Great video and wonderful photos! Appreciate all the explanations and comparisons. Regarding dynamic range: as far as I know, dynamic range decreases a lot when increasing ISO. This means that shooting at lower ISO will give you far more details to in shadows and highlights to recover.

Author — Christopher Heer


Thanks for such an honest and fresh appraisal of the R6. Most of us photographers don’t hear such real life experiences in the typical YouTube camera reviews. You were very detailed and covered many small glitches that most people would not realize until after they bought the camera. Thanks again.

Author — Jerry Eisner


And this is the best review of my R6, Thanks. I like the ISO performance as long as you don’t go extremely high. You go home when there is no more light lol

Author — Peter B.


Thank you for this wonderful review of the Canon R6! I recently purchased it and encounter the exact same frustrating autofocus problems, especially when trying to take pictures of hawks in flight. The camera wants to focus on the sky in the background, and no matter what you do you cannot get the camera to focus on the hawk in flight. This is with my Sigma 150-600mm lens. What I end up having to do is zoom back out to about 200-300mm, then the camera will focus on something more along the same plane as what the distance to the hawk is, and then I can zoom back in on the hawk. But, if the hawk is out of range for the eye AF to capture the eye, if I don't keep the AF point exactly on the hawk, the camera goes back to trying to focus on the sky. Definitely much more frustrating than when I had my DSLR. But, hopefully they will come out with some type of update to fix this issue.

Author — Outlaw Medic Photos


When are we going to get the settings video? Really looking forward to it.

Author — Mr.Monkey


Another great video Duade and thanks. I had and returned the R6, found focusing and sharpness not as great as I had hoped. And yes if you crop a lot like me and most birders, I suppose more MP would help although I have seen some amazing images from the R6 and a 300mm. Animal eye focus worked well on stationary birds but occasionally struggled with ducks flying in towards me, especially as they neared the surface of the water. Most of the time it was fine thou. I also wasn't crazy about an EF to RF adapter coupled with a 1.4 extender, perhaps some issues with communication between the lens and the camera. Occasionally as I look through my Adobe Bridge files, I see a really nice image and am surprised to see it was from my 7d mkii. How I longed for a 7d mk iii. Mirrorless is cool but I suppose I'm still a DSLR fan, for now anyway. Cheers!

Author — Scott Prince Photography


Great content as usual! Very interesting results! Especially regarding IQ and noise. Have a nice day!

Author — Miguel Gomes


wow!!! Love your Honest review, as you are so realistic we can get a clear understanding of this Mirrorless System. Hope to see your upcoming other 2 videos. Have a great week ahead. Stay Safe and Healthy. God Bless You.

Author — Jai Chandran