The Oldest Written Story on Earth - Gilgamesh 2/3 Anunnaki 1/3 Man 100% Sumerian

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The Oldest Written Story on Earth - Gilgamesh 2/3 Anunnaki 1/3 Man 100% Sumerian 4.5
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What knowledge lies in our ancient past? A team of renowned scholars has come together to go beyond the surface-level myths, artifacts, and mysteries found in ancient texts and lost cities from around the world. Journey to decipher the code scattered throughout ancient civilizations.


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The Epic of Gilgamesh is one of the great works of literature, and one of the oldest. It was first composed in ancient Mesopotamia during the early second millennium BC, in the Akkadian language

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LIstening to this and hearing words from the earliest languages, you can hear the influence of languages that followed from around the world. I wish I could travel back, be invisible and witness the birth of history, the source of great tales and mighty gods - our foundation - and in some ways the beginning of various movements of Enlightenment.

Author — GaslitWorld f. Melissa B


I am glad I found your channel. You can expect to see me in your comments I have been obsessed with the Story of Enoch and everything he wrote about.

Author — Memnoch67


...And probably every hero/god story we've heard my precious.

Author — A. Sharma


There is another story where They tell him to drink the water of thunder. Catch it in a bowl of stone and May not be touched bij metal.

Author — Dra Dikketrip


I love when he does the feminine voices so funny😂. Appreciate the video man very entertaining.

Author — merle sapp


sad... all this beautiful stones right now are lost in time, destroyed by... human stupidity 😠😠

Author — vgpe gana


So beautiful. We underestimate the ancients

Author — Rattle Head


I remember the Gilgamesh story from my English Professor and my days in College when i had to read this for an essay paper...but I have forgotten most of it since them. Maybe i can find it and read it again somewhere, someday....thanks for sharing...HIGH
Also, as with any much has this been told by word of mouth down through eons and how much has it been altered to make someone larger than life. If there is someone who is a heroic persona, then also at times, some of what they do also gets to become larger in their deeds and heroism. Also, only bits and pieces exist of our History, so also is great the misinterpretations of that History as well.
Point I'm making is this...Humanity has always had an imagination towards something that is unexplained, which also leaves this issue and us with many unexplained variables and with errors into what we know or conclude with an end result. Also, why should there be so much concern for an Alien background within our history.??? We are the ones living on our planet Earth and also destroying it with our greed and hatred towards one another....Why should we think that someone from out there in space is going to help rescue us from ourselves when we should be the ones that should be doing the rescuing with ourselves from all the animosity and hatred towards each other, and into destroying ourselves with WARS, etc, including destroying the environment with our materialistic agenda gains called greed. Humanity is slowly stripping away the resources, some of which will never be able to replenish itself. If we won't change our hearts towards each other and our attitudes with our planet, besides with ways of doing things, then we will become our own destructive weapon to ourselves and cease to exist.

Author — Karlisa Lampe


Nice! Glad to hear the oldest story known!

Author — S Samyuktha


yup very soon. WHOOP! WHOOP! #JUGGGALO



If he can’t speak the word of man then how is she having a detailed conversation with him 🤔

Author — 1moetime123


What a fantastic campfire story. Well told and all of the artwork shown in this video is a great way to tell a story. Great job.

Author — Shamanbear Two


He is wearing the same time travel device the avengers used in end game

Author — Ryan McAlister


Makes one wonder about wizards and wisemen - they definitely existed - the missing link between ancient chemistry and modern chemistry. Tech in the hands of rulers has dis-empowered us all

Author — Avryl Kemp


It’s not that old. That’s the one with Gilgamesh, the Skipper too, the Millionaire and his wife, the movie star, the Professor and Mary Ann, right? It premiered in 1964 or 65! 😆😅😂🤣

Author — USA#1 !!


What a nice document with a morning cup of coffe
Thank you

Author — sami antonios


The depiction of The watch and the handbag are obviously Ancient technology of some kind. Clearly.

Author — Tony Stark


I think you very much for this marvelous story is the true of Gilgamesh and Ankydo. We are the proud to be the people from the past from Ur. We are Assyrian who is still exist in this world 🌎.

Author — Marlin Khoshaba


Where did your details come from? Great story. I enjoyed it.

Author — Henry Barton


Well done! Thank you! Great storytelling. Not everybody has such skill... it's all in the passion. A real pleasant experience.

Author — REVMr SubG3N3