Trump and other G7 leaders to talk global economy and trade

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Trump and other G7 leaders to talk global economy and trade 4.5
Wisconsin Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher says President Trump has the opportunity to unite the free world against China's predatory practices.

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President Trump won't get tricked or fooled by Macron or Merkel. He knows what their Agenda's are all about.

Author — We The People USA


China has to be stopped from their global domination.

Author — Karen M


Trump will double, triple & quadrouple down on what he said about China

Author — Morley Striker


Why did the U.S. ever do business with a Communist Country? Slave wage's and freedom do not mix.

Author — TheSheeple people


Stop trading with communists it should be considered treason to purchase things from China.

Author — vivec 7788


America and American business needs to do everything it can to get out of China. It's a big ask and will cost billions, but in the long run, it's the wise thing to do.

Author — Max Swenson


The communist authoritarians need to suffer.

Author — Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast


President Trump has courage to stand up against China. Fortune favors the bold. Thank you President Trump for standing up for America.

Author — Chace Kesterson


I liked both of them...she asked tough questions, and he had good answers.

Author — Zachery Francis


Who is allies??? The E.U. IS LEFTIST. NOT GOING TO WORK

Author — Susan Auger


Anyone who talks Global Agenda is corrupted and need to be dismantled.

Author — Richard TheMan


Somebody needs to stick up for the American people and that is trump what you wanna China to steal from us about time somebody stand up

Author — Mike Christensen


Shame 1:

Trump conceded regret then reversed course
wished he’d raised the tariffs higher
1st head said: I regret
2nd head said: Should raise tariff

Author — davmanx


China didn't steal anything, it was sold to them by Barry the imposter & Hillary the (i will smoke (Epsteined anyone that stands in my way?

Author — Real Socrates52


Lets bend China over before they bend us over. Thank you for fighting for us, President Trump. Keep doing what your doing!

Author — Nicholas Killian


Right now, the biggest threat is not China...and it is not Russia. It is a Deep State that is running roughshod over our precious Constitution. Keep our eye on the ball. IMO.

Author — JB6789


obama put the internet in privet enterprise in California and out of our Governments control. We want it Back!

Author — Patty Dawson


The socialist Mácron is very welcome to swimming on Amazon river ...but careful is lots of piranhas 🙏🏼😂😂



Godspeed President Trump. We are praying for your continued success winning for America. We finally elected someone that loves America and is exposing the shadow government and stopping communist spies from destroying America from within.

Author — Sharon Watson


The Foolishness that I see even with some of the media entities China and their people are standing together right or wrong and yet with these globalist media they seems so cinical about what the President is doing.

Author — Neville Bennett