EXCLUSIVE video of the moment when DMU train 74943 stuck people watching Dussehra celebration

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EXCLUSIVE video of the moment when DMU train 74943 stuck people watching Dussehra celebration 4.5
Punjab: Several feared dead as a train runs into a burning Ravan effigy in Choura Bazar near Amritsar: More details awaited
पंजाब: एक ट्रेन के रूप में कई डर गए अमृतसर के पास चौरा बाजार में एक जलती हुई रावण प्रतिमा में चला गया: अधिक जानकारी का इंतजार
#Amritsar #DussheraMela #Dusshera #TrainAccident

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Download — EXCLUSIVE video of the moment when DMU train 74943 stuck people watching Dussehra celebration

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Railways can't be blamed. It wasn't an unmanned crossing or railway platform. The organisers and the people are themselves to be blamed for.
My prayers for the families of the deceased

Author — Steve Glen


Bol rahe ho... train me brake kyu nahi lagaya gaya... itni speed me break lagaanè ka matlab to soch lo yaar... puri train track chhod degi.. is hadse ka jimmedar jo bhi ho.. dukhad pal hai us parivaar k liye jisne apna sadasya khoya hai... ishwar unhe is dukh ko sahne ki himmat de... RIP...

Author — Avdhesh Kumar


This accident could have been even deadlier disaster if the train derailed, the driver did save a lot people.

Author — Swapnil Upadhyay


agli baar jab bhi koi festival train track par manana hai toh pehle railway or government ko inform karo aur ho sake toh wo track hi book karlo waha mandap bhi lagwa do kyu ki train track par train ke gujarne se important kam dusre bhi hote hai jaise raavan dahan ki video nikalna, "hagna"*...! fir dekhte hai ye haadse kaise hote hai...!!

Edit--Sarcasm samzo "

Author — Aditya H.B.


This is a very dangerous spot, because Amritsar Pathankot railway track is curved at this place. Amritsar Jalandher tracks are straight at this point and you can see train from distance.
Train operator driving from Pathankot side can not see this area from distance neither person can see that train is coming.
I live nearby and I had seen so many accidental deaths at this portion of the track.

Author — baathg


Railway tracks are not a place to seat, no matter what the situation. Rest in peace.
Population + poor administration + trangressing nature of people. Heartly felt support and love for the families that in casualty (death?

Author — inderjeet singh raghav


Saale Gandu Railway Track per Jakaar Khade hooge to Kya Train Nahi chadegi....

Author — Jitendra Kumar Kundra


Train ki kya galti ha Wo To apne Speed me hi Rahegi na

Author — Arijit Singh Topic


ये किस प्रकार के जाहिल गंवार लोग हैं जो रेल की पटरी पर खड़े थे??? ये लोग अपनी आदत के शिकार हुए हैं। रेलवे की इसमें कोई गलती नहीं है। उल्टे रेल पटरियों के खंभों पर लिखा भी होता है: " सावधानी हटी, दुर्घटना घटी और गान्ड फटी "।

Author — Space Bar


😢😢😢 Bahot dardnak hadsa hai

So sad



O Allah!! One God.. Give hidayath all of them😭😭

Author — Mohd. Monish


This unfortunate incident could have been avoided had the administration take steps to ensure that celebrations aren’t held on or near railway tracks...at this speed ...it’s impossible to apply breaks

Author — Dr.Rohit Gour


As it was happened in night, where there was no lights, definitely driver can’t see people standing on track

Author — sri ranga naidu


दुखद है, भगवान राम नहीं बचा पाये, रावण ले गया अपने साथ कई लोगों को ।

Author — Alok Ranjan


Driver cannot stop a train at that speed within his visible reach..even if he saw people suddenly..it's miscommunication post guard ..local administrator and tragic tragic loss within few seconds ..R.I.P

Author — #progressive thinker


That's why I call India a third world country.

And Modi bhakts and pappu bhakts call me to leave to Pakistan.

Ek dushehra tak in kutto se organise nahi hota. Administration aankh band kr ke intzaam krta hai kya.

Public place khatam ho Gaye hain Jo track ke saamney Raavan jala rhey ho.

And yeh log jinkey dimag mein gobar bhara hua hai. Track ke ooper khadey hain kutton woh tatti krney ki jagah nahi hai jo tum waha khadey ho.

India mein Jaan badi sasti hai

Author — Vibha Thakur


It is visible that the train is a short train.. possibly a Passenger train!

Chottu gaadi thi... Passenger shaayad.
5 second me chali gayi, matlab kya?

Author — Khurshed Lawyer Natural n Simple


You can see people backing off just before the moment train crosses but, there were just some of them who could not. God bless the families of the deceased and may the souls rest in peace🙏🙏

Author — Bant Singh


galti kis ki hen railway walo ki nahi hen

Author — Sanjay Studio Offlcial


Railway Is Not Responsible For This Fatal Accident, Careless People 😭😭

Author — Adesh Mishra