After Days Of Unrest, America Needs Moral Leadership. Instead, We Have Donald Trump

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After Days Of Unrest, America Needs Moral Leadership. Instead, We Have Donald Trump 5

Instead of calling for racial healing and encouraging Americans to remain calm, President Trump's solution is to "dominate" the protestors and send the military to control the streets. #Colbert #StephenAtHome #Monologue

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That woman in the park is disgusting - she knew exactly what she was doing

Author — Joe Exotic


Would anyone in Germany allow statues of Nazi Generals or Nazi flags be flown in certain parts of the country because it's "part of their heritage"? Only in America are Confederate statues worshipped and flags allowed to be flown with "pride" with no blowback from their leaders in government.

Author — Alex Alvarez


When the Nazis lost, Germany outlawed use of their symbols and propaganda. When the south lost the Civil War we let them keep everything.

Author — Ziem83


Hey man, Germany's cool now. Its you guys that lead the world in racism now. You should be learning from them.

Author — Jagjit Roudh


I live in the Netherlands so Germany is our neighbor. I always enjoy Stephen”s monologues but the remark about Germany is not a very smart one in my opinion. All of our countries have our histories and fair share of (institutional) racism. I sometimes wish the US would stop thinking and acting as if you guys are the center of the earth. You do have a serious problem within your police force and justice system. But you also have beauty like the Black Lives Matter movement and police chefs who want change. Humor and satire are very important and the ability to laugh at our own expense but to imply that Germany is a racist country, is like implying that your potus is an intelligent and compassionate man..

Author — Sims On Film


As an observer from Canada, all I can say is I think the Mexican Government will probably finish the Wall

Author — MrBitterfitter


Bit harsh on Germany! Germany now is not the Germany of our Grandfathers' time. Quite the reverse. Sure, it's got racism same as everywhere else but this Scotsman would take Germany over the USA every day of the week and twice on Sunday at the moment.

Author — Malky24


I'm not German... but unfair comparison, even in jest¬

Author — exdoode


making a "german nazis" joke in 2020 in the middle of what's going on in the us today and then on top of it putting the relation "germany-racism" on the same line as the relation "jamaica-pot". the late show's writers can do better than this

Author — a.m. ottesen


how could you say that about germany? germans are not hitler

Author — Zalma Colmenares


I wouldn't be at all surprised if Donnie is intentionally ramping up the violence in order to distract from his pathetic response to Covid-19 and all his criminal activity!

Author — Opus 313


“When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.” - Thomas Jefferson

Author — plutobabe


Dear Mister Colbert.,
I was not born here. But as a kid of an US Solider, mixed of race, growing up in Germany, let me ensure you that your comment about Germany is wrong. They do have a horrible past!!! But nowadays noone is marching along tanks on their way to work anymore. They don't raise their right arms to say good morning or to hail anyone. Do we have racists over here? Of course, sadly like any where else. But Germany is not all about that anymore for decades!!! And even if they won't agree with the politicians at least they don't "vote" a criminal racist into the leading job.
I am looking up to you, I love your show and that you are using your voice to wake up America (hopefully).
I just wanted to make clear that Germany is so much more than Nazis now. And remember, I am black (mixed). Berlin, Hamburg, Fulda, Munich, Kassel, Stuttgart everywhere peacefully protesters last weekend, by the 10.000.
If you ever want to come to Berlin or Hamburg, I would be more than happy to show you what's Germany like today!!!

Author — Campino Milligan


There is one interesting thing when it comes to Germany and racism. Of course, mr. Colbert is right, that we do have racism over here, no intelligent person from Germany would ever doubt that. But it got better and today it is no comparison to the structural racism that lies deep within the America nation from it´s beginning. But I think, the problem lies deeper than that. We, as germans, started two world wars, we planed and executed the shoa. And all that guild will be with us evermore. But there is one thing that we did after that, one thing, that the United States had never done: We admitted, that we we were wrong. All together, not "the Nazis", because, we were the nazis. No-one else but us and almost all of us. I am not. a fan of Germany, and as many germans there is only one political thing, that we are proud of, and that is to talk, act and think antifascist. Because we know, we've done wrong. It's been the biggest lecture for this country to admit that. And it has been a long, hurtful way. So, if Mr. Colbert says, getting called out for racism in Germany is like a Jamaican telling you to put down the bong, he is right. But you can be sure that you would be surrounded by ten germans asking you why. Because many of us learned, that it is a giant leap as a nation to admit, that we were wrong and to ask for forgiveness. But it is the first step for healing.

Author — Sönke Busch


Oh, Stephen. Germany has come a long way! They are practically an icon of decent behavior compared to the 1940s.

Author — FalloutJack


She needs to be charged for a fabricated police call.

Author — Julia Lynn Vlogs


“Remember when we were all afraid of our groceries... I miss those days...” 👌😂🙌

Author — Yolandi Cook


America: the country whose government hates its own citizens.

Author — Robin D


America has been a lot more rascist than Germany since 1945

Author — pauljm white


That's a cheap shot against Germany regarding racism Stephen. You're better than that.

Author — Sukhbir Sekhon