200 Days - A Trip Around the World Travel Film

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200 Days - A Trip Around the World Travel Film 5

My wife and I traveled to 17 countries in 200 days. This film is the story of our incredible trip! Enjoy!

We used a GoPro and a Nikon D7000 for all of the filming.

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Please check out and buy the music from these incredible artists that made this film possible. They are in order of appearance.

M83 - Outro

Eric Hutchinson - Tell the World

Vance Joy - Mess is Mine

Avicii - The Nights

The Kooks - Bad Habit

Yumi And The Weather - Must I Wait

American Authors - Best Day of My Life

Tim McMorris - On Top of the World

The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather

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This is what I wanna do when I grow up. I don't want to sit on a computer screen and do work. I want to have a real adventure and explore the world. I want to Live!



I'm going on a trip to 48 different countries for 2 years. i have planned this for a long time and been saving up for this for three years. Finally in 12 days i leave to go on a biggest journey of my life. Wish me luck i am beyond excited for the upcoming unforgettable experience.

Update - i did not think that this post going to get so much attention. so the corona virus really crushed my dream, but i was able to travel for 5 months before this all got really bad. Within the 5 months i was able to travel through my own country Canada and USA including the alaska, after north america i went to mexico, brazil, colombia and argentina. Since i still had plans to travel through asia, europe and africa i plan on leaving again hopefully next year summer to finish my trip. Very sad :(

Author — peter h


I believe this is what I’m meant to do with my life, travel and see how beautiful this world is

Author — Amy Calvert wood


I'm 17 and all I want to do is travel the world.. I'm stuck in a small town and I feel trapped. Every day is the same and I can't breathe. This video gives me hope and whenever I'm feeling down I watch it as a promise to myself. Thank you for making this ❤

Author — Apple Juice On Your Porch


Hey everyone please enjoy your life .
Travel the world don't save money for cars and shit
Just travel and explore .. relatively human life is sooo short

Author — A N O N Y M O U S YT


The most sad part is when you are finished with your journey and now have to travel back home.

Author — ASPK videos


Ur video was awesome but u missed a big country to explore. INDIA

Author — EK23


I use Google Earth to travel around the world.

Author — KriTech


Most awaited and important question:
How much does it cost for the complete journey



This is how I wanna spend my life travelling the whole world, living the moments and experiences, making good friends. Thanks for making this video.

Author — Jitesh Verma


People sick with the flu: Stay at home

People with Coronavirus:

Author — Mordecai 38


What a adventure when I’m older im going to explore everything like literally everything nothing is going to stop me every ocean every land every mountain hopefully I die knowing I have done everything this world can offer. Listen people all you is DETERMINATION PLEASE remind yourself that everyday

Author — A D A M


Im currently 17 years old and in an apprenticeship. My biggest wish for my life is that i find a girl that wants to travel the world as much as i do! Someone that wants to explore the earth with me. <3

Author — LordKaiser


World: "you gotta stay in your home"
YT recomendations: "here are some travel videos"

Author — Dony Yuldashev


I'm 16 and saving up to get a school bus and transform it into an RV, Then since I'm based in the U.S. I can drive across the U.S., Canada, and South America before I ship it to Europe and keep going. Then I can stay in some cities for a few months with low costs, like LA and NYC. Maybe even pick up a travel buddy along the way (:

Author — Zeke Hebert


Anyone wanna travel the world togather?

Author — Kenna Hannah


😭 this makes me feel everything! It makes me want to book my flight for tomorrow and go out on my own traveling adventures.

Author — yanira quinones


While we were sitting at home, This guy was going around on a journey.

Author — Chars N Riley


One reason im changing my job is to travel around more :')
time is limited, use it as much as u can.. money will not bring it back

Author — Riku


I’m 13 and as much as I love my parents and family I am so ready to more out.explore the world do something exciting. I so tried of living in the same house same small town. I’ve never been outside of Europe before so that makes me even more excited to travel the world as there is much I haven’t seen! Great video btw glad u had fun

Author — Frazza X