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Navjot Singh Sidhu In Aap Ki Adalat (Part 1) - India TV 4.5
Firebrand cricketer-turned-politician Navjot Singh Sidhu regales the audience of Rajat Sharma's most popular programme AAP KI ADALAT by spouting Sidhuisms soon after Team India's debacle during the World Cup Campaign. After retirement from cricket Navjot Singh Sidhu took up television commentary, and politics. Sidhu is known for his batting and shayari.

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Allah tala Aap ko salamat rakhe Bhai siddhu ji

Author — Khan Amjad


مقدمہ چلانے سے پہلے انصاف اور سچائ کا قانون پڑھ لو !کشمیر کشمیریوں کا ھے فوج کیوں؟
ضلم بند کرو ابھی ابھی؟

Author — 123 cricket


siddhu pa ji very funy good man yaar

Author — Rehan Ahmad


navjot Shing i very proud of u r the real greatesh hero..

Author — Commission Tripura Tripura


رجت شرما.
کچھ تو حیا اور شرم ہونی چاہیے تجھ میں. منافقت کی بھی کوئی حد نہیں چھوڑی تو نے.

سدھو پا جی تسی گریٹ او.

Author — Muhammad Rauf


I am pakistani but i love sidhu paa jee
The great man in the world

Author — ali Haziq


you should watch the sting operation by some person on sidhu were he spoke a lot about kapil dev fix scam

Author — Rahul malawadkar


One of my favourite episode of aap ki adalat

Author — Chetan Patel


love you and respect you sidhu paagi. you are YOU ARE A GREAT ROLL MODEL   FOR THE WHOLE OF INDIA. keep us entertained. Punjab politics needs people like you. God bless.

Author — manjeet singh


Atleast he is genuine and accepts all what he has done....

Author — Maninder Pal Singh


after watching this 22 min video, Rajat Sharmaji hardly spoke for 3-4 minutes and Siddu Paji completed his 14-15 SHER...Well done...

Author — Vishal Shetty


Aap ki Adalat

Watching daily two to three episode but this is the one of the mine

Superb it's motivated performance
Lots of love

Author — Vikas Machhi


Siddhu is master of words and confused too!

Author — Neeraj Sethi


such an inspiring person. respect sidhu

Author — Rahul M


All Sikhs are honest and hard working. Sidhu is no exception. He too very nice and honest gentleman.

Author — Dinakar Velagala


Rajat Sharma Be Like Kahan Baap Se Panga Le Liya..



i have learnt so much by listening to funny wise man.

Author — Donnie Darko


Beautiful Mashallah
Your are greatest sidu PA ji

Author — Adnan Ahmad


this man is full of energy, when you really feel low in life just watch & hear him, you will definitely will be back to your best

Author — roxy smith


He is comedian. I respect him as a judge of conedy

Author — sanjay kandwal