A Too Cute 4-Year-Old 'Juju on That Beat' Dancer

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A Too Cute 4-Year-Old 'Juju on That Beat' Dancer 5
Four-year-old Tavaris got in on the latest dance craze, and his adorable – and impressive – dance video went viral. Now he's showing off his moves on Ellen's stage!

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*Who randomly just got this in their recommended?*

Author — lRewindl


When you grow up do you wanna be a dancer or do you wanna be something else?

“A super star”

Author — Louis Johnes


OMG its like he's a shruken down adult man lol

Author — Ali


People are practising months to do this, my boy only need 10 hours fam...

Author — Mielan


I remember when this song was actually popular.

Author — You need help Okay?


God:- What do you want?
Me:- Confidence like him.

Author — Triveni saxena


1:39 look at the guy in sweatshirt behind of the lady
His reaction is😂😂

Author — MAK


He's better than me and he looks 3 😂😂😂

Author — bts xoxo


When a four year old has accomplished more in life than you have 😂😂😂

Author — Ella Barrett


It's almost been 3 year's since that kid was on the ellan show

Author — dylan hillman


This is why you have more subs than Jake Paul

Author — confusion


In 2:26 i was like embarrassed by myself because i can't even dance like that and i'm ten years old and he his 5 years old

Author — sgan Unicorn Unicorn


Aww he was so cute and he has only been dancing for 10 hours 😂

Author — nicola omalley


You can tell by Ellen's face that she's having one of those 'yeah okaaaay' moments

Author — Maridin Chisty


Imagine this kid looks back at this in like 10 years

Author — Brodyツ


Ellen: Who taught u to dance?
4yr kid : Me
Snoop dog : I wanna thank me

Author — vikram chavan


Ill see you all in another 3 years when this pops up in our recommendations again!

Author — Pug


He got the new shoes and the and that other new shoes 😂😂😂😂😂like if you argree

Author — it’s addie!!!!! !


And how long have you been dancing for?

Ten hours

Haha that got me 😂

Author — ArianaGrande


2019 anyone? (People try this dance takes them like 2 months to learn xD this kid took 10 hours to learn how to do it! ;-;)

Author — HaNnAh