Hasan Minhaj’s testimony before Congress on the student loan crisis

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Hasan Minhaj’s testimony before Congress on the student loan crisis 5

This video includes Hasan’s testimony, as well as questions Hasan answered during the hearing.

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The fact that I uploaded this a year ago, and literally everything has gone to shit. 🥴 Yikes.

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Author — extra quality


Wait so they invite a comedian and are SHOCKED he is telling jokes.

Author — Mister Wiseguy


"I''m Hasan Minhaj, I'm a muslim and I condem radical islamic terrorism. That has nothing to do with anything, I just want that on the record" Brilliant!!!

Author — Miry Galas


Can we just take a moment to acknowledge that this dude was doing comedy while testifying before congress? Absolute legend.

Author — Eli J.


The lack of laughter is yet another reason not to trust Congress

Author — graceless


He isn't making jokes for them, he's making jokes for us.

Author — Marc


I’m tired of old farts dictating the youths future

Author — Ismael Rivera


The woman next to him was smiling the entire time. She understood

Author — Autumn Rose


Why aren’t they laughing? Professionalism is overrated.

Author — Lilette


The audacity of Americans to call Hasan a "joke" when he is a comedian, while having a president as Trump 😬

Author — Oh Sehund infires man


"Are you a fan of Taylor Swift?"
"Well .. I .. uh..."
"You a swifty?"

Omg i died lolol

Author — Hayden


his name is literally not that hard to pronounce

Author — vidushi kataria


I hate that guy who asked Hasan that if he thinks it’s a joke. That’s a manipulative and dirty move.

Author — Morning Coffee


"They want their best options, not a cvs receipt."

Author — gsolee


I love the fact that he is fighting for something that doesn't even affect him directly because he understands that it affects millions of Americans! He is the best!

Author — styper28


The way they were trynna shut him up and he bounced right back, we *stan.*

Author — Fathima Nazmeen Anodiyil


I cant believe the name "lil uzi vert" would ever be said in congress

Author — TheKingBuu


Student loan awareness should be taught in High School.

Author — TEE Sitani


Duffy: "If you have a 20 on your ACT you're probably not going to Harvard"
Hasan: "...Or if your mom is Aunt Becky you can probably pay your way into USC so what are we talkin about here?"
Duffy: "😥...but Mr.Minhaj listen.. I..I..I..But hold on a second..what I..what I wha..wh But I...but I....😰 (Deep sigh)".

Author — Darryl Harden


"You think this is a joke."

"No I don't." (Accurately, he said it's not)

The one who thinks this is a joke is not Hasan, it's you. Comedy is not putting matters lightly, it's putting matters smartly, and you really don't get that. Why? Because you didn't have the wits to answer him when he made a valid point.

Author — Moonlight .Z